Soundtouch 300 Soundbar Black Friday Deals 2021

Soundtouch 300 Soundbar Black Friday Deals Black Friday
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In this post i am going to share all Soundbar 300 Black Friday Deals & all Soundbar 300 cyber monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Soundtouch 300 Soundbar Black Friday Deals

Sound bar with big sound this one should absolutely be on your list in this video i’ll go over some of the key features and benefits of bose’s smallest sound bar and talk about why this might be a good choice if you’re looking to save space if you’re watching this on youtube be sure to click the link in our description to see our latest pricing hi i’m carl from app and this is the bose smart soundbar 300. like i said it’s the smallest one in their lineup at only 27 and a half inches wide two and a quarter inches high and four inches deep so it’ll fit in comfortably with tvs as small as 32 inches but the sound you get from this one will fit in just as well under much larger tvs too bose also makes a wall mount for the 300 if you do mount it you’ll need to press and hold the mute button on the remote for 5 seconds to calibrate it for wall use if you ever unmount.

Soundtouch 300 Soundbar Black Friday Deals Black Friday


It you’ll need to remember to do the same thing again inside the box you’re gonna find a power cord optical cord and a small remote there is an hdmi input with an audio return channel on this speaker but that cord doesn’t come with if you don’t already have one make sure you check out our selection on app.com other inputs include one for an optional ir blaster and another for an optional subwoofer although as far as bass on a compact soundbar goes this one’s going to be tough to beat then you have wi-fi apple airplay 2 and bluetooth for wireless connections to a cell phone or computer and even better can even broadcast to select compatible bose wireless headphones and bluetooth speakers that means you can listen to a movie without waking up the kids you just put to bed or keep listening to the music.


That was playing on your soundbar in a different room and what would a smart soundbar be without smart features the 300 works with both google assistant and amazon alexa although using amazon is going to give you access to more of its available features like voice for video which is going to let you control the tv and the cable or satellite box with your voice and hands-free calling and if you don’t want to use voice controls there is a button on top of the sound bar to turn off the microphones then there’s the bose music app that you can get for ios or android devices this is going to give you all the functionality you get with the remote plus the ability to adjust the equalizers and lip sync delay you can also use it to consolidate all your music services into one spot which is going to make it easy to find almost anything you’d want to listen to and most importantly. 


When it comes to sound bars is the sound and this one is not lacking at all in this category there’s four full range drivers built in there’s two in the middle and then two on the sides that are facing outward at about a 45 degree angle which sets a really respectably wide sound stage there’s also a tweeter mounted right in the middle that helps out with dialogue and bass like i mentioned earlier is much bigger than what the size of the sound bar might suggest that being said it never hurts to consider supplementing it with that optional subwoofer another option bose offers is additional surround speakers for a way more immersive sound experience but in a smaller room you may not even need those this really does a good job simulating surround sound with those left and right drivers overall this is one of the best small sound bars i’ve heard not just this year but at any point it really is a great option for anyone looking to save space and improve the sound quality of their tv if you have questions on the smart soundbar 300 or any other bose products.

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