Sony Rx100 Iv Black Friday

Sony Rx100 Iv Black Friday Deals Get Discount in 2021

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Sony Rx100 Iv Black Friday Deals

About Sony rx100 mark for this camera I’ve grown them love I like it but I’m not sure if our purchases camera a second time around now this is the beef camera seriously I mean this thing is a beast Sony is definitely taken over the pocket camera series of market with this series right here and it’s definitely popular live top of the class valedictorian of the pocket camera they put so much in this small package now it’s a $1000 package he’s probably getting cheaper now I’ll have that link in the description box below now I fell in love with this camera because of the way it was advertised I love the way to advertise it they really look like they were targeting the film makers not necessarily those lovers but the people who are looking to do a little bit more with their footage in post processing and things like that not a build quality this thing is pretty good now you know I’m pretty tough on my cameras and this thing has dropped a few times it took the blow tips and punches its back on its feet I had a couple problems with the lens because of the mechanics and these lenses they kind of pancake there’s a whole bunch of a little mechanical issue that you can have you drop this camera on the glens but that’s something typical for all pocket cameras take care of your pocket cameras guys don’t don’t drop it it’s like an eye a song you got to be gentle with it it doesn’t feel cheaper or anything like that it’s nice and solid has a good weight to it and I like the feel and the kind of ergonomics of it you don’t want to feel like the buns are too small or anything like that but they are kind of small when it gets to the recording button and the menu buttons they are kind of small now the quality of this camera output is nothing short of amazing I mean it’s very crispy very clean shot.

Sony Rx100 Iv Black Friday


The sharpness is top-notch it’s nice and flat but it’s very sharp and you can definitely see the detail in this image because it’s flat and cuz it’s arcing style look you don’t have issue with those tricky lighting situations when you’re back like that and the sensitiveness camera is really good in low-light situation so it really performs well in in low-light now putting the footage from the Sony rx100 next to the g7x it may not look like the rx100 is the sharpest image because the g7x has all the contracts has all the poppy miss now this camera is more suited for those like I said who are trying to do a little bit more their work where the popping is and the contrast a lot of stuff that makes the g7x look look sharper that footage is not really great for post-processing like the footage you’ll get from the Sony rx100 so we’re going to do color grading if you’re looking to do some type of post-processing which image do you want to make sure you have a flat image you wanna make sure you have the image that can be color graded and you can add your own style to it but those are some of the highlights of the rx100 then it’s a really great camera guard it’s a really great camera but there are some things about it as I do not like about with those are things.


That really sold me on this camera I was looking for a nice camera that can do all the things my DSLR can do has 4k it has slow-motion as a flat city-style image that is very attractive in my opinion those are the things so be this those those are things that maybe want to buy this camera but my question is should the guys that Sony be praised for a candidate is only halfway capable of doing the same thing as they should now a couple of things about this camera it’s a shooting poor case you need a specific SD card to do so you don’t have that specific SD card it won’t allow you to shoot in 4k lonely like you’re shooting 1080p or less this is the card that you will need for this camera and I’ll have that link in the description box below so you know exactly what card you need for the Sony rx100 this camera is 4k capable but only for a few minutes I mean you only have a few minutes of shoot come in 4k before this thing overheats and it has serious overheating issue so you could probably get 5 minutes 4 minutes or maybe even 3 minutes of recording time and 4k so I’m filming video like this usually a six-minute video takes longer than six minutes to record it would literally have you waiting for it to cool down until you can continue to record and that’s the problem that’s an issue with me so if the overheat and it shuts down when shooting in 4k is it really capable of shooting 4k footage I mean if I was editing on my computer and I was editing 4k footage in my computer through after two minutes of editing on that computer I would say it’s not capable of editing 4k footage but that’s just me so if you want to shoot 4k footage but just in short bursts like less than three minutes at a time this is great for you but I would not use this if you want to shoot with longer than four five minutes at a time and sit down and you don’t have a conversation like we are more than likely if I would have make in the video this type I don’t leave you script a lot of things so I would usually run over five minutes and I’m sitting here talking to you and I just like to have the dialogue if you’re doing that this camera is not 4k capable if you buy this and you’re in a situation where you want to shoot longer footage then this camera is just a really expensive HD camera that can shoot 1920 by 1080 P and that’s available with other cameras that are at a much cheaper price point speaking of short bursts I’m gonna be honest with you this high frame rate mode is cool and all I mean you’re excited you just camera it like all I can shoot slow motion that’s cool you turn the hot frame rate moves you look at the options you have you go through the rear process that makes you go through to shoot it’s not that weird you can press


This button here standby you’re being aggressive forward you can’t press that button or this button because this one first this is a little bit weird but anyway you’re so excited to shoot this super slow-motion shot you can’t record that’s the official sound of disappointment you can shoot at a really high frame rate and not going 50 frames per second or you can shoot at 480 frames per second where you shoot at to 60 frames per second I think that’s right or 240 frames per second it’s something like that just know that if you’re shooting 960 frames per second the quality of the footage kind of diminishes at that point it’s not really usable in my opinion but if you shoot the lower frame rate they’re slowing up there so enough to get super clean good looking slow-motion shots that you can’t even tell the difference between quality or slightly differently quality now in the high frame rate mode it does have two different modes you can choose from it has a few different modes you can choose from you can choose the frame rate you can also choose the trigger to start before start after recording and should also choose to have a time priority or a quality priority when you’re recording higher frame rates would of course you’re going to choose the quality this makes it a shorter film time so you wouldn’t only get a couple of seconds of recording and high frame rate mode what does I mean it’s understandable because. 

The pocket camera but there are some instances where you do want to record a little bit longer slow-motion shot I mean if you did want to do that you clearly can’t with this camera that’s my understanding of how this happen would work and it doesn’t seem like you give much recording time maybe I’m wrong maybe you guys know a little bit more about that let me know in the comments below if you do know if you can get a longer some time with this high frame rate but that was my understanding of it and that kind of brings it to my next point of how this camera is not doesn’t have that intuitions not really intuitive doesn’t it’s not user friendly you know like you can’t just pick this thing up and expect to go it has a ton of menus and kind of options which is good because you kind of get that dias article where you can do so much with this small little camera but the advantage of the D at all has is that it’s able to have more button it has more surface area so they can put more buttons everywhere it has more space inside so we can put more gas in there as well but this thing pretty much does all that drew menu so you get a ton of menu screen that you have to navigate through sorry for all the noise back there but there’s one thing I wanted to mention is that this camera does not have a touchscreen and that kind of makes it a little less intuitive because you know on the g7x you can just press to focus on here you have to press the button to focus and you have the users button to switch through the menu options where it’s on like a g7 X you can just use the touchscreen go through the menu options and it just it just feels a little bit better that way but it’s something you do have to get used to on this camera and it might be a make up work thing for you so the wording and the position of the venues is really important to me because the average user needs to be able to pick it up and use it and know what mode they’re shooting in now seems like they took that in account because they added this little seed button at the bottom allowing to press it then at any time any time in the menu options you’re you’re selecting something you don’t know what it is you can press that button and it will give you a short little explanation it’s kind of like a it’s kind of like an in-camera guide it’s like an in-camera user guide you just click that button and it will tell you with the short explanation of what that menu option is is this a great camera yes it is a great camera would I buy it again probably not no I will probably if I was in your position and your thing about the camera what I would do so we’ll get some other cameras look at what this does and let’s go grab the camera still collecting DSLR look at some DSLRs they may not be that much more expensive than this camera here they can do all those things without overheating but if you need a pocket camera to do all the things that this does then yes this is the way to go so a couple questions that you guys had about this camera these came from Instagram so if you don’t follow me on Instagram go ahead and do that and get some notifications of when I am posting something or what’s due next on my channel and you can blend it ask the questions not include your question or try to answer that question and my videos so that way we’re kind of you know kind of talking to each other about Thursday you know ahead of time all right I just want to make sure that touched on some things which you guys want to hear about these camera amy’s video and my link to the X’s and O’s in the description box below it’s quite the custom of doing it does not fit to the camera but CX what cameras do we use my daily vlog make sure we use all of the cameras let me you Sony rx100 what we feel like if you use the D so maximum you like.

It we also use a 70d but mostly it’s the g7x mswd the images from both of those kind of looks pretty similar so we just match prepare those two together but for a long time we were shooting with the rx100 is the Sony better than the g7 X that’s a good question think that this is definitely better in some areas than a g7 X it just depends on who you ask I mean people look at the quality of the veep’s of necks and they see the popping aspect really crispy look of it because the contrast amount of stuff and maybe it just looks like a better image straight out of the camera then this one does here the footage did you hear it is it’s very similar I mean you get you just get a flatter image from this one so my answer to that is it all depends on what you want and all the Pens of what you’re trying to get out of your camera if you want hot frame rate if you want to be able to shoot super slow-motion I will say the rx100 is about a camera also you can shoot 4k the g7x is just more intuitive it has great collars quality image and it’s just maybe I should do a full video of just comparing the two but it just it really just depends on what you’re doing and what you’re trying to do it for they are Jake our wig as president x vs DSLR camera so the Sony rx100 the pros and cons versus of DSLR size I mean the size of this is a pro but it’s also a con as well because you can’t fit as many buttons as me options ready to use options one the camera body itself like you can on a DSLR DSLR has enough surface area this game you can have all these bugs you can literally click them or switch modes or switch a white balance and things like that that you can’t do on something like this as quickly these are logs are much bigger but you can also put on different lenses as well so they have the different pros and cons it’s all depends on what you’re looking for you feel like dragging around a boat we can write on my wife will rather have a pocket camera but have the 70d lugging around and vlogging with but it all depends on what you’re using it for and what you can really deal with as a filmmaker is this camera costly heck yes it’s costly it doesn’t matter you know you can get the older versions but depends on if you want the high quality camera and nice sensor a nice lens be able shoot 4k high frame rate you’re going to spend some money to get there so that’s pretty much it for the Sony rx100 let me know.