Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday Deals
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In this post i am going to share all Sony Alpha A6000 Friday Deals & all Sony Alpha A6000 Cyber Monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday Deals

Watch the Sony Alpha A6000 i love the camera i personally have the next 5r and i love that one and it’s been hard to replace it i tested a canon 70d and it was really good but it wasn’t that much better since that one cost around fifteen hundred dollars and during this video you can pick up in a6000 for around $800 the a6000 doesn’t look as sleek as the next 5r but it definitely has the similar functions to it you got the great grip – we got the tilt screen you got an actual pop-up flash in there and he has a power zoom to it as well it has Wi-Fi it has NFC for your Android device so you can transfer files and videos and another big thing that I love is that it’s compact enough to like not feel so bulky in your hand ah yes and that viewfinder the quality behind that this play looks great you’re seeing exactly what you should see when you’re about to take the picture or video as soon as you block that proximity sensor it’ll display the viewfinder automatically for you listen to way less in frames per second sounds like I think that’s incredibly fast and you can also play back because it takes pictures fast enough to make it look like a gif almost like a video you can play off of it you do have to give it a little time to save because it’s a lot it has a process but it doesn’t take too long so the majority of my pictures turned out pretty good obviously I’m in sports mode where I can take multiple shots of an action it’s not perfect but it’s better than any other camera I’ve done it with but that’s not why I’m off this camera I bought it for the autofocus video so now let me show you some actual footage of the Sony Alpha A6000 yeah I don’t know about you but I think it looks amazing it’s super cleared the automatic focusing is fast on 95% of everything I wanted to do so far

Sony Alpha A6000 Black Friday Deals

Sometimes I get too close where no camera that close can focus but without like a macro or pancake kind of lens and all this is being handheld I’m moving it as slowly as I can I’m not saying I have the steadiest hand ever but in my opinion doesn’t look too shaky look at the autofocus on the right and between the leaves and on the left it’s almost like it predicts exactly where I want it to focus on the majority of my videos and shots are always in program and pretty much are always gonna be in out of focus mode but I still wanted to play with some manual focusing and it’s a lot harder because you have two actors control of depth of field with the manual focus it gives you that touch tracking feel to it because the Sony Alpha A6000 does not have a touchscreen so you don’t have that touch tracking but then again you might not need it oh yeah that looks super sexy it’s just so quick in the detail that you get out of the video is just superb if you’re not wanting to start off with the next 5r which I have had over a year and I try to replace it with other cameras but I just could not find anything better than it you can get the nex-5r actually the 5 T with NFC for about $500 I’m not entirely sure how this video is gonna turn out after it’s been compressed and uploaded to YouTube servers but on my computer the raw file looks so good.


Someday I’ll upload a whole video without it being edited and you can see that true detail that’s even less compressed rather than it being rendered into a format so what do you think so far do you like the quality that you getting out of this camera I know I did because it’s just as good or better than my NEX my bar so if you’re ready now we can go inside so if we can take a look at its specs functions exterior and a quick comparison to my nex-5r the grip feels nice for my medium-sized hands and for the ports you have mini HDMI with a micro USB charging so not only do you get to charge your battery with your Android charger but you could also take out the battery and get those while plug chargers at charge the screen tilts up for those low angles and tilts down for those high angles the viewfinder has this rubbery attachment that is meant to cup your eyeball better if you like you don’t have to use it the built-in pop-up flash with the spring action for angling bounce shots off the ceiling of wall much better lighting shots the dials on the right you can feel each notch quality built into that next to what you got your priority settings and on the top center between the lens you get Sony’s hot shoot for their accessories you might be able to get third-party I’m not too sure probably with adapter just like the lenses you can get the adapters to make it work with other DSLR lenses and this lens is very light and easy to take off and on here’s what it looks like when you’re plugging it in through micro USB you get this little orange yellow light whatever you want to call it but you can’t use it while it’s charging it automatically falls into USB storage and I love the fact that you don’t have to turn anything off to swap the SD card so you can do it.


Whenever it’s on and as I mentioned earlier it does not have a touchscreen the only reason I wouldn’t want the touchscreen is to do that touch focus tracking but the automatic focus tracking by itself it’s already so good that it doesn’t break the deal the next five bar is definitely smaller but that big lens makes it look a lot bigger but the a6000 does not feel huge it’s still very comfortable to hold the lenses are amount so they’re interchangeable between each other the five bar screen rotates all the way towards you so you can take selfies and a6000 does not because of the viewfinder the a6000 has a built-in flash and the nex-5r does not have one built in so you have this external flash that you have to screw in it works well but it looks ugly and it’s a hassle carrying that around these two cameras are different but at the same time we have the similarities and functions but the difference between them is 1 and 16 point 1 megapixel know there is 24.31 has a power zoom a viewfinder and FC they also use the same type of batteries so if you have some laying around or you want to buy some used one you can get them very easily you’re able to control the camera within an app available on Android or iPhone and here you’re looking at me connecting my Android smartphone to the a6000 the 5 are also does this so not only do you use your phone as a remote but you have a extra viewfinder with the ability to zoom control


The aperture the ISO as well the quality’s not fully transferred to your phone but that’s not the point but when you take the picture you’ll definitely see the quality come back out because it stores on your phone as well since the a6000 doesn’t have touch focus your smartphone can make up for it therefore you’ll be able to touch exactly where you want to focus so that works out really nicely since it has Wi-Fi you can connect on the internet send your files to your phone to your TV via DLNA they even have their own Sony app store so you can download extra apps and filters different functions for your videos and pictures and editing that you can I mean lots of stuff in there that I won’t use but it’s there for you to check out and just in case you don’t know what I’m doing here what you’re looking through right now is my camera recording my phone which my phone is showing me what the other camera is recording or taking pictures of now since I said a recording best one thing that does not work you can’t record you can only take pictures you can’t record video through the streaming service so then I set my camera down on the chair five bars recording my cell phone and then I used the a6000 to record what my 5r is seeing through my cell phone it’s a little inception tongue-twisting type of scenario but it makes sense if you’re following with what’s happening right now but the reason why I did that is to see how far my Wi-Fi connection can transfer still between these cameras and my Wi-Fi is all the way into my room so it already was probably around 50 feet and that’s the last picture I took before I lost connection I’m not sure what you think but I found the a6000 to be a slight upgrade not too much that

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