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Sony A7 Black Friday Deals

The Sony a7 mark 1 was released in 2014 and it was quite a big deal back in the day the reason for that is because of the twenty four point three megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor Payan see it’s image processor hybrid autofocus system with twenty five contrast detect and 117 face detects sealed alloy and composite body 3-inch tilting LCD screen with 1.3 million dots xcg electronic viewfinder you can film in 1080p 24 frames per second up to 60 frames per second you got one SD card slot microphone input headphone jack HDMI and USB and all packed in a nice little body but it’s still worth buying into that’s 20 what’s going on guys gary i’m inhere back and again with a new video first of all thank you for my new subscribers to this channel I really appreciate it and also that you are following me on Instagram so thumbs up for you guys for the ones that are new to the channel my name is Gary.


I am a photographer based out of Amsterdam and actually live close to Amsterdam and I like to share my experience with photography gear and stuff on YouTube so let’s begin by laying down some questions that I have for this camera such as how does the body feel like and what is the image quality like how is the video capabilities or video quality how does that look like how does it performs and autofocus and stuff like that and also the last question is how does it actually compare to the Sony a7 mark 3 so let’s begin lots of stuff to talk to lots of stuff know lots of stuff to go through but first of all let’s begin with the body but you can see it is a nice little compact body it kind of reminds me of the Fujifilm xt 3 it has a little small grip not the best grip in the world and I can’t imagine that people with larger hands that may have a little bit of issue with this and their pinky might be floating somewhere so I think a battery grip or a extension grip might be something worth considering for me or for people with smaller hands just like me this camera actually feels quite good in the hand so for me I don’t definitely have an issue with the small form-factor and I actually really like it the outside is compact as I mentioned they got one SD card slot which is really quite disappointed.


So I wouldn’t recommend using this camera for important stuff or once-in-a-lifetime moments stuff so for weddings and stuff I wouldn’t recommend this one the battery life of this thing it has a really small battery so a really small battery and i really suggest or actually recommend that you buy at least one extra battery you’re planning to shoot a whole day with this camera so the body is quite nice I don’t think it’s weather sealed at all it feels good in the hand I wish it has a joystick it doesn’t have to joystick so moving around the focus point it’s a little bit frustrating because you have to use this wheel and you don’t have any touching capability so that’s a little bit of disappointed as well but you must be aware of it if you’re planning to buy this little camera alright that’s about it for the body next topic the image quality how does it look like in regards to photos so here’s a little example and as you can see in the example just this one it looks really good the shot and raw I don’t know and what kind of settings are shot in but as you can see the image quality is really really good and I don’t have any complaints and that so you know the image quality is good I don’t see anything you can shoot in RAW the colorscience it’s a little bit different in comparison to the newer Sony cameras but if you shoot in Braque and adjust the photo in post in any extent that you want the dynamic range is good and and I don’t have any complaints and one of the beneficial things about having a full-frame sensor is that it can is that you can shoot in higher ISOs and lower light conditions and still have a pretty clean image without any grain whatsoever so that’s a cool thing the full-frame sensor is always nice to have especially you know little small form-factor body like this one so what about the Phaedo quality I’m gonna show you a example in A couple of seconds but I just want to tell you that this camera does not have any picture profile so it doesn’t have any s log profiles or hlg or cine profiles so be aware of that you are then a little bit limited in regards to the options in video also be aware that this does not shoot in 4k it doesn’t have any slow-motion capabilities or abilities so be aware of that as well does have 24 frames per second up to 60 frames per second but I’m gonna show you some examples as well that the 60 frames per second if you slow that down it doesn’t really look good at all so here are the examples and as you can see the 60 frames per second slow down is really really weird and really bad so not usable at all but then again the 24 frames per second in 1080p here’s an example with the same setup as.


This and then you will see a little different story alright so this is the footage from the Sony a7 mark 1 how does it look I think it looks just fine and the sound as well it’s okay and yeah what do you think is it suitable for these talking hat videos and to me I think it does it’s not 4k it is 1080p 25 frames per second because it’s Europe so yeah that’s that’s test and as you see it looks really decent and it sounds very good as well so no complaints in death very useful for YouTube or for instructional videos maybe but I wouldn’t really recommend it for using it for professional work or for client work or anything like that in regards to video alright so that’s about it about video let’s talk about something also very important that is the performance of this camera how does it perform the best way to show you that is with examples of course but before I’m going to show you the examples I’m going to tell you that this is still an older camera a six year old camera you really must expect a slower autofocus and slower handling of things the shutter itself is actually quite slow as well or it has a different sound than the newer cameras some tremor do my best to let it here as you can see it’s not as snappy as a new camera so it’s just like a real shutter that goes up and down here it again and here how it is if you go on a faster shutter I’m not that fast right it doesn’t have a real fast shutter then again it has older technology it is camera alright.


So if you’re buying this camera be aware of that that this doesn’t have the best autofocus out there the continuous autofocus is not really that good as well as you can see in examples however the single shot out of focus is really good very very reliable as well and there you also have a autofocus but only for one second so just one press of the button it doesn’t move around or doesn’t follow the I suggest on one focus area so single-shot autofocus is reliable it has IO to focus but be aware that is just from one point one shot so the performance is not the best but I can imagine that if you’re somebody that does a lot of landscapes are food photography are just non moving objects then this camera might be something worth considering alright we are coming to the final topic and that is how does this all the camera compares to the Sony a7 mark three for the people that don’t know it the Sony a7 mark three is the latest version of the basic a seven series cameras that one has 4k video 120 frames per second a slow-motion futures has a very fast autofocus system as well I oughta focus in continuous mode so in overall it is the better camera but I just wanted to show you how it compares in regards to image quality so here are some little side-by-side examples on the left side you can see the Sony a7 mark one on the right side you can see the Sony a7 mark 3 and as you can see side-by-side with the same lenses with the same settings they both really look the same alright so let’s conclude this video by entering the biggest question and that is SE Sony a7 mark 1 still worth buying in 2020 and actually I’ve got two answers the first answer is yes and the reason for that is because of the small form-factor body with the full-frame sensor high image quality and if you are a photographer that really likes to do non moving objects Landscape photography product photography then this camera is really something for you but on the other hand it’s the sony a7 mark 1 still worth buying into that’s 20 interest no the reason for that is because of the performance is not really that good if you are somebody that likes to do a lot of things lots variety of things so just like me when I do weddings sometimes I do photos but also there are occasions that I do a lot of film so what weddings films as well so the ability to have just one camera that can do both in very fast and modern modern ways that’s really nice and this camera does not have it and the autofocus not very fast so for fast moving objects and if you also like to do a lot of video work and this camera is not for you alright that’s all thank you again for watching subscribe if not already like the video comment down below what do you think about the Sony a7 Mark one if you got one let me know in the comments down below what do you think about it and use the link in the description as well to buy something from Amazon then you can support