Sony A6400 Camera Black Friday

Sony A6400 Camera Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

given the phenomenal success of the a6000 sony’s a 6100 has a lot to live up to people really seem to love the original camera despite some flaws like a lack of 4k and bad rolling shutter it just had the right mix of a compact body and relatively simple operation however the a6000 came out way back in 2014 and in the meantime a lot of better cameras have been released by the competition especially fuji film and canon so you’d expect to see some big improvements in the 860 100 I haven’t been terribly impressed with Sony’s other recent aps-c cameras like the a 60 408 6600 however at six hundred and fifty dollars the a 6100 is cheaper with wider market appeal and has less competition now let’s dive in to see whether it’s worth your money  it’s too bad Sony didn’t change the a61 hundreds of blocky design because it’s my least favorite feature but it is light weighing in at just 396 grams a bit more than canons and 50 it’s also got a simple interface and those two features help make the a6000 is so popular I understand that Sony doesn’t want to mess with the winning formula however it would be nice to have a front dial as you need to control everything now with your thumb I also love to see a more elegant design as the a 6100 is pretty ugly compared to Fuji phones xa5 still many novice buyers will probably stick to one of the automatic modes anyway and treat.

Sony A6400 Camera Black Friday

This camera more like a smartphone don’t get me started on the menus either the lack of logic makes it easy to forget where things are forcing you to waste time finding a setting the rear display doesn’t help while you can touch control autofocus the main and quick menus can only be accessed using the dials considering this camera is aimed at novices I think it would’ve been wise to offer touch menu controls the display now tilts up and around so you can use it for selfies or vlogging however the 6,100 has a few issues for vlogging more on that later the a 6100 uses the same batteries as before however it’s more efficient than the a6000 so you can get up to 420 shots on a charge there’s just a single UHS 1 SD card slot so buffering times are pretty lousy Sony now has a great aps-c mirror less lens lineup a second only to Fuji film that said the 16 250 millimeter is one of the worst kit lenses out there so you might want to splurge for better glass when it comes to speed and autofocus va 6100 is untouchable among entry-level cameras you can not only shoot at 11 frames per second but do so with continuous autofocus enabled


That’s key when you’re trying to capture a decent photo of rambunctious kids for example using the touchscreen you can select a subject and then track them wherever they go and that works nearly flawlessly where it really shines though is with face and eye tracking with those settings turned on you can put your camera in burst mode to point it at your subject and be sure to keep their eyes and focus it also works with animals like dogs cats or even lines in a zoo unfortunately eye tracking isn’t turned on by default so you have to wade into those ugly menus to find the function that’s not normally a huge deal except that it might stump the novice users who will buy this camera once you do capture a sharp image you won’t be disappointed with the quality the a 6100 has much better color rendering than the last model with more natural colors and skin tones it also handles low-light better with less noise visible.


Across the entire ISO range Sony’s a 14 bit RAW files also give you more editing options than ever should you over or under expose a shot va 6100 is a big step up over the last model when it comes to video you can capture 4k at up to 30 frames per second with a full pixel readout so video is really sharp it does lack any log video and 10 bit output but that’s not important for its intended market you can also shoot with face and eye detection autofocus turned on to capture great family or adventure videos with no hassle at all the a 6100 has a microphone input but no headphone port which is still great for an entry-level camera you can use it to vlog.


But if you want to use a hot shoe microphone it’ll block the screen also the a 6100 has bad rolling shutter and no in-body stabilization so any sharp movements will result in wobbly videos messy Vidya a 6100 is largely a tourist cabin and so to test it for those purposes and here in the city of defunct and France and I’m currently climbing to the top of a tower and when we get to the top I can have a really excellent view of a t-shirt and be able to take some photos and do some other stuff so you guys will really be able to see what this camera can do  with the a 6100 sony has largely stuck with the don’t fix what ain’t broke mantra it has mostly made minor changes apart from upgraded 4k video and the incredible new autofocus system i didn’t feel that was enough for the more expensive a 6400 and a 6600 cameras given stiff competition from Fujifilm Zechs t30 and xt 3 or canons m6 mark – however at 650 dollars sony’s a 6100 has a small niche to itself it has some weaknesses like a low res EVF wobbly rolling shutter and a poor menu system however compared to similarly priced rivals like the Fujifilm XA 7 and canons and 50 it’s the best budget aps-c camera you can get right now if you liked this video hit subscribe and for more on