Panasonic Lumix Fz80 Black Friday

Panasonic Lumix Fz80 Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

In this post i am going to share all Panasonic Lumix Fz80 Friday Deals & all Panasonic Lumix Fz80 Cyber Monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Panasonic Lumix Fz80 Black Friday Deals

It’s from eBay I bought it for two hundred and fifty dollars and I think my money was worth it couple of reasons why my money it was worth it is let me show you first off what is it 60 times zoom everybody sixty time optical zoom crazy it would be good for you know shooting the macro shots you know anything with bulky on the back they’ll be really really nice another thing is that it has a 22 millimeter wide angle lens this is already built in the camera you don’t need to switch lenses anything of that nature this camera has everything built-in one more disadvantages it has a touchscreen screen with the touch which is really good but it doesn’t have this flip back to back and forth screen so be hard for you to choose selfie with it great thing it has already buildings flash as you can see and you can also mount mics here or another flash if you want to so this is a good addition to the camera what else we have here let’s open this yeah so we have one HDMI outputs and we have a charging port so case you don’t have the battery or the battery is out of charge and suits we are speaking about the very stopping up the battery So we have show you what is it okay we have 1200 mini amp battery single battery that can stay with you for around four hours four and a half an hour imagine that that’s a great time that we can spend on a camera that can shoot even 4k so it’s really beneficial for you to shoot 4k camera it has a 4k video and pictures at the same time.

Panasonic Lumix Fz80 Black Friday

I forgot to tell you what model is so let’s check out the model this is Vanna Sonic lumic’s episode 80 so if you’re looking on YouTube I want to buy this camera I try to find it out and put it link down below it’s the FZ 80 right this is the camera that you can have and it’s really good what else we have before I go to the feature on the screen I’m trying to show the hardware first which I usually do in my videos we have this total manual features we have the panorama that the video mode we have the picture mode we have the automatic mode which already sets everything for you and we have this is the shadow bottom this is the zoom and control bottom this is the 4k you have you just want click poor case turns into 4k straight away and what else we have here this is when you shoot videos you click on this you see the for example the gallery see when you phone to see the video galleries


This is same thing you click on it just straight away show you the what’s what’s the sudden what should you gets record it this is a delete bottom obviously there’s a garbage picture over here yeah that’s it so let us start the camera alright so this is the screen as you can see I’ll try to zoom and put it on a good position let’s start with the menu so straight away we have the this is the menu as you can see so it has many many features through sample digital zoom and you have stabilizer so if you want to have its own stabilization effect you have for example one crazy thing look at this wind noise cancer so it has went a built in wind noise canceling she have a standard it gets at it off you can set it high so it’s up to you if you want when reduce noise according to the wind strength okay that’s interesting I never seen this in smartphone before and oh and this is another crazier thing zoom mic so if you remember the HTC they drop the HTC you 11 and one of the features of the U 11 is that when you record video use your man the sound zooms in with the video so if there is a sound far away you cannot hear where you stand and you zoom in with the U 11 you’re gonna hear it a fused oh man that’s crazy now this zooms in 60 times optical zoom.


It has this feature I don’t know if it’s a gimmick or not but I’m gonna test it out to be honest with you I’m gonna play music back back away there in my room I will zoom into the room and I’ve seen it actually can capture the song and with a good volume yeah I’m gonna put you the test baby I don’t play around so the stick look that’s what else we have this is custom most of this is just something that extra things But the basic things I’m gonna go through the basics only so this is the autofocus and manual focus and you just basically mess around with a quick autofocus and all that stuff so just make it for in my case I’m not expert on these all well you know small things I just put it on like automatic and just shoot with it you know if I need to edit or something maybe I’ll just dig deep on it later on but I don’t see any look at this monochrome black view too many things to guys but in my opinion the best thing is to just keep it as it is and work with the basics that’s because how that’s what I do so zoom level see what soon of this it doesn’t say what is wrong level just says that is position okay so basically if you – if you turn off your camera usually the lens goes back in so if you just turn it this on the lens will go back we’ll once you turn it off it’s not gonna shut down its gonna not gonna bring the legs back in so this is the just to keep your lens where it was last time what does we have here we have the distraction body bottom touch settings so you can adjust all the touch SiC setting we have here because it’s actually a touch screen by the way if you don’t know just go to the use the touch screen actually so you can format your SD card I don’t want to do that you can check out the video okay what’s going on here let me just try to find that all right so I have RAW processing you can shoot 4k you can shoot RAW you can edit the light composition you can actually divide videos time-lapse videos stop-motion video resize you can crop so you can just rotate you can just eat it like a little bit of editing


Which is really good at the inside the camera it’s really good so you don’t need to have to actually put it in our software unless you want to do really professional work I usually I never did this before I just shoot the camera take out an SD card put up my laptop of my computer and just edit from there I’m gonna eat the camera I think it’s too much hassle plus I want to save the battery for shooting you know I’m gonna waste my battery on now other things let me show you how the zoom looks like here try to give you an example since the screen is not tilting anything yeah see so I’m shooting a focusing my guitar and check out the optical stabilization guys it has a good optical stabilization really really nice considering the amount of zone I’m doing with this camera I really recommend this camera for the people who want to shoot wider angle for the people want to go for macro shots really great zoom if you have any question regarding this camera what comes to the hardware or the setting or anything else just let me know I just bought the camera.