Omega Juicer Black friday

Omega Juicer Black Friday Deals 2021

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Omega Juicer Black Friday Deals

Today all from fresh vegetables and fruit so these are all of the different parts of our Juice presser as you can see the actual unit here is actually quite compact and small which I do like this is the power cord obviously we have our power switch on top it goes on and then rev re V and then in the middle I assume is off this is the locking latch it locks the drum into the housing and you lift it up to dismantle this is where the juice is captured you have the inner cup where the juice is captured and there’s some measurements there on the side and then the pulp is supposed to end up in this container here this is something called the pusher when adding ingredients you push them in nice and gently so that they all can be juiced evenly this is called the tray it’s placed above the drum and on top of the feed chute this part here is called the drum and feed chute inside the drum you have a little spiral e piece that’s called the auger I think I’m pronouncing that right that is placed inside the drama connects to the body and it grinds and squeezes fruits and vegetables this piece here and they also were kind enough to give a second one that piece is called the strainer and then finally you have the end cap which is where the pulp is released into the juice holder additionally we got a little toothbrush looking guy for cleaning purposes so now that I know all of the parts of my Omega juice press I’m going to assemble it and get started so we have this whole contraption this has the drum that I’m angular thing I’m saying that completely wrong the strainer and the juice cap it has this little metal part here that we’re going to in that’s in and then the tray goes on top like so so it collects the juice in this container and the pulp in this container like.


I said before you push the stuff in as it’s going and that’s that this is just an extra piece and this is for cleaning so the assembly is very quick and easy yeah so we’re gonna go ahead and plug it in Oh like I said the assembly was very quick and easy I have a lot of the fruits and vegetables already out so that I’m going to be using I have some more in the fridge like I said I’m going to be making six different juices today starting with a classic celery juice so before we begin I’m going to go ahead and familiarize myself with the instructions ready to start juicing you want to make sure all your fruits and vegetables are washed cut into pieces that will fit into the feeding chute and remove all pits and seeds and thick skins before inserting turn on by pressing reverse on the power switch do not operate for more than 10 minutes do not touch the power switch with what hand use the pusher to push ingredients into the feeding chute do not force ingredients push with appropriate pressure never put fingers or other objects into the feeding chute all right so what I’m going to do first is I’m going to chop up all of my vegetables so I’m just ready to go and I can start juicing I’m super excited to use this product I have never juiced anything before in my entire life but I know that it has great health benefits it’s great for your gut and digestion obviously it’s nice clean eating and you’re obviously getting in a ton of fruits and vegetables into your body I recently switched to being vegetarian so I think this is going to be a great addition to my everyday life so let’s go ahead and prep all the vegetables and then we will go ahead and get started all right so we have all of my fruits and vegetables cut up and lined up ready to start juicing all right so we are gonna go ahead and start juicing we’re gonna start with the simple celery juice all you need is just one head of celery my juice press is already plugged in everything is set up I’m gonna go ahead and switch it as we just go ahead oh my god so cool and there we go we have some fresh celery juice that was so cool and quick and easy go ahead and pour that into a cup I can’t imagine this is gonna taste good I’ve never had celery juice.

Omega Juicer Black fridayBefore but cheers y’all oh it’s actually not too bad it tastes taste like dirty water but not in a terrible way so that was the first juicing I’d say it went pretty successfully there are all of the like dried out celery sticks so weird looking um yeah you just kind of like feeding the vegetables or fruit and then you push this down as you saw so the next juice I am going to make is called the firefighter it takes four carrots which I have chopped up here one pineapple wedge I had to buy pineapple chunks already chopped up because pineapple I don’t think is in season yet and one chunk of tumeric now my grocery store didn’t sell like actual tumeric so I have like turmeric powder might not be the best but it’s all I could do so let’s go ahead and get started start with the carrots the most of what I have when something is already like so watery like pineapple it like goes nice like so easy and I mean I’m probably doing way too much better let’s go ahead and take a sip of the firefighter hmm oh my that’s actually very good that’s nice it’s got a nice sweetness to it which i think is from the it’s from the pineapple oh yeah that tastes really good next up is called the Apple berry elixir it needs 2 cups of blueberries 2 apples and 2 cups of spinach I love the little tray up top because then like it catches the blueberries and you just you don’t have to worry about like pouring multiple times it’s really a powerful device like you can press pretty hard like if you think it’s stuck it’s not you just gotta push a little harder what’s up girls when it comes out though trade is great because for spinach like it’s obviously a softer vegetable and they can just kind of like keep it up here until you’re ready.


Then you go ahead and push it down I’m very curious to see a spinach coming up so interestingly enough spinach is slower I really thought it would be faster just because it’s just leaves but it’s not pretty slow the pulse is coming out very slow what’s nice is you can send it in Reverse to make sure you got all of the leaves like you can see some got stuck and then you put it back in forward motion and it kind of speeds up the process a little bit bottoms up mmm oh my gosh it’s so sweet you really taste the Apple oh my god that’s delicious alright the next juice I will be making is called the zesty zinger and it calls for one lemon one slice of ginger one cup of grapes and a bunch of kale so let’s go ahead and whip this bad boy up I assume I can just put I mean they’re cut up but oh yeah why not that’s how you make lemon juice I guess all right here is the zesty zinger ah all those soaked hearts Hey Wow I am NOT a huge fan of that one I was not a huge fan of that one for a few reasons number one the taste like my throat is on fire oh my god it’s a little too tart for me um I think with the combination of the lemon and the ginger it’s just a lot and then the kale was very difficult to juice um I think I should have chopped it

I just kind of you know broke off the leaves and then shoved it in there and it got very it got stuck here and even as hard as I pushed it down it didn’t really juice through as smoothly as the other vegetables and fruits have so I didn’t end up doing as much kale because it got stuck I bet with a little bit more kale this would taste better but this is just honestly undrinkable right now okay moving on to the green and clean this one calls for for green apples two lemons and one cucumber I think I’m gonna like this one a lot because anytime I do get a green juice it usually has these sorts of vegetables in it and fries all right this is the green and clean a lot of this one let’s hope I like it Cheers ooh that one is very good not too tart nice and light and refreshing taste something like perfect for the springtime summertime mmm this is a keeper I think this one’s my favorite so far alright and the last juice I will be making is called turn up the beat and it calls for two lemons 2 carrots 2 apples and of course two beets now beets are like they stain very easily so I’m gonna wear gloves when it comes to putting those in all right and this is our last juice obviously very red in color from the beets that’s not too bad definitely not as sweet as the other ones I think that’s obviously from the beets but you just do still taste that like hint of lemon and that hint of Apple it tastes very earthy because of the beets it’s not bad it’s definitely not my favorite I think green and clean was definitely my favorite


Because just tasted like nice and light and refreshing this one this one’s growing on me though my only thing is beets are just so messy and they stain and it’s just honestly a hassle chopping them up was not my favorite thing the green and clean was my favorite not only for the taste but also for how easy the prep was I am much more willing to chop up some apples and cucumber than I am to chop up a beet every morning all right so now we’re gonna go ahead and clean our Omega cold press first step is gonna be dumping all the pulp yes then we’re gonna go ahead and remove the tray like so we unlock and pull out this whole thing this part twists and comes off and then we have to get in there nice with the toothbrush provided and then this part comes out like so we’ll also toothbrush that finally the egg you are or whatever this piece is called I know I’m pronouncing it incorrectly we will see that all of these pieces wash very quickly and and then of course because the actual cold press unit it has electrical wiring and such we don’t want to submerge this in any sort of water.

So we just take a nice wipe down with a rag or paper towel all right moving on to the second part of our review today today I’m going to be also testing out the yo Nana’s so this is a tool to make frozen yogurt out of frozen fruits and it’s great because then obviously you know exactly what’s going into the dessert it’s fat-free dairy free there’s no added sugar it’s just the pure fruit so these are all of the parts of our yo Nana’s this is the plunger this goes directly in here to plunge the fruit obviously this is called the chute and blade cover that’s the chute and then obviously that is the blade cover this is the blade there are tiny little blades on the edges there if you can see very sharp and then underneath the blade there is something called a blade cone and I gasket to keep everything from leaking and then of course this is our base so to go ahead and assemble this we put the blade cover over the blade so just twist into place and then that goes click that into position and then this goes right in there and then obviously you have to use your own bowl to catch the content it does not come with that so we’re gonna go ahead and use one of these bowls and get started so we are going to be making three different types of frozen yogurt the first one is just plain banana yo Nana’s it says that they recommend you use overripe bananas before freezing them however.