Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday Deals

Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

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Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday Deals

Mountains recently and there were so many situations where I wanted to use it but I didn’t use it oh there goes the light oh there you go but I didn’t use it because I didn’t want to get like dust or dirt in the lens or anything like that so that’s why I got this camera one of things that I’m concerned with that’s what this camera is never one the image quality I don’t know how good the image quality is actually gonna be on a camera like this and ever to the audio I’m not expecting amazing audio but I’m just hoping this audio isn’t super terrible so let’s get some test shots all right so this is the first time I’m bringing this camera to the water and right away I can tell you it feels super weird just have it in the water this is so rude and I’ve never put a camera in the water before here goes [Music] you know one of the things I’m realizing is you know one thing that I know I’m gonna be missing from those videos beautiful beach I think that’s one thing like people get cameras but they’re not thinking about like what they have to do with them yeah and then they just this is gonna cool reminder like a like a horror movie seemed like it’s like oh I’m really hoping the audio there like to horrible.

Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday Deals

Because I would really suck if I just like for it to be kind of usable but no I have no idea what it sounds like you wanna make a movie it’s just you what do you mean behind me the end that’s funny that last time we made an underwater video no no I’m sorry I just wrote it there and remade 50,000 no it was use it wasn’t even a year ago how long ago is it like three oh and that’s for that casing that’s when it was both of us sure it was like this weird the same thing you really teased and we get that stereotypical shot where like you open the refrigerator you start looking so I don’t have a flip up screen on this camera so that is ass minor downside if you want to do vlogging or videos like this so if I’m slightly off frame whatever sorry but that is what it is this is a real test of what this camera can do but I bet you you can at least see me because at its widest angle this camera is still pretty wide.


So I bet I’m willing to bet I’m in frame and hopefully I’m in focus so I realized a lot of that footage was under terrible lighting conditions so here is just kind of a more simple lighting condition where I do have a light here just lighting my face doing like a typical standard YouTube video this is what that would look like and this is also using the microphone built in on the camera I don’t think it’s hot bathroom when I’ve heard but you tell me is the audio good is it bad however this is a travel camera so this type of video isn’t really what this camera is built for but if you’re in a pinch or you need to make videos like this this is what I would look like so I did go to Mexico recently so I’ll show you some random pictures and random video clips of that so you can make a judgment for yourself  now I’ve spent a lot more time with the camera and here’s what I think about it overall I love the camera I love I like this red one a lot I really like the camera I like the fact that this is the camera you can just hand over to somebody and they could just point and shoot and you don’t really have to worry too much about them messing up settings or then maybe bumping it a little bit or maybe them even dropping it or getting sand in it or dropping it in the water the durability on it seems great I really like it now as far as the GPS I haven’t really got to use it I thought as long as I had to log on that it would automatically like capture the location of the picture and I thought that I would be able to load the pictures and somehow see it.


But I didn’t happen I don’t know 100% how to work it and I’m just an average consumer so I didn’t really do a deep dive and figure out how to use it I just needed to use the camera so I used it I don’t know if it’s Not that simple I don’t know how valuable that information is and I did look a little bit into it and I think it’s even not a hundred percent it’s not a hundred percent but still I guess it’s a cool feature if you can get it to work like I said oh and if you’re interested to see how this would look without the light just give me a second here I can turn it off this is what it would look like is a lot harsher I’m sure the light coming down makes it so you can see a lot more shadows on my face it looks a little more dramatic I’m sure but um yeah back to I’m so turned on cuz I’m pretty sure it’s way better but back to what I was saying about the camera like whether or not I like it yes I like it.


I think the waterproofing on it is great I think that it’s a great travel camera I love how rugged it is and I love the flash I really like how the flash looks I think a lot of people might like it because they like that harsh flash at night look that a lot of these nineties camera point-and-shoots would give you it gives you that look I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just I guess it just flashed at night look and it’s not super high quality HD so it just has that old-school cool look to it however what I recommend it to you it depends are you gonna be doing traveling do you really to water photography or videography because if so I don’t know this camera is tough to recommend because of that because it’s a premium waterproof camera it’s a premium travel camera I like 380 350 I don’t know somewhere around 380 to 350 I think that’s what that camera lens price-wise and I think that’s a very difficult sell because you can get a lot of camera for that that’s not waterproof so if this doesn’t have to be waterproof or your camera doesn’t have to be rugged it’s a tough sell in my opinion but yeah I mean is it nice you have to decide on whether or not that to worth it to you because again. It is pretty nice to be able to have the camera ha or always keep it with you because I think that’s one of the most important parts of capturing the moment capturing a video capturing a photo is being able to do it by the time you take your pack your camera out of your bag take the lens cap off turn it on get your setting and shoot you probably already missed the moment this is a cool camera you can just take with you you shoot you don’t worry too much and you just get your image by the way video photos are better than video on this camera so if you’re looking primarily for a rugged video camera I would go with something like the GoPro if it’s only for video and you’re okay with always being in a white otherwise the photos on here are great I do have to mention though that the photos to me look better than the video the video is not bad especially when you’re in pretty good light it’s not bad it’s just a little over sharpened so it might not look like the most natural image I footage I don’t know if that’s the right way to describe it but but it’s not bad it’s good it’s not bad this camera is better at photography so just keep that in mind.