Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday

Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post i am going to share all Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday Deals & all Olympus Tg-5 cyber monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday Deals

Olympus 35 let’s see what we get in the box all inputs 35 let’s see what we get in the box in the box you are going to find your olympus DG 5 in one piece and mains 1.5 amp power supply as well as some drawings of available upgrades that you can buy for your olympus DG 5 unfortunately manufacturers of this olympus DG 5 camera do not supply standalone charger as manufacturers of nikon aw hundred they did so you will have to charge your battery using this apply to 1.5 amps micro USB charger my god this camera only for two hours to test it so please forgive me if i forgot about something i tested this olympus TG 5 camera against the nikon coolpix tough camera family as i used aw hundred for last couple of years and the last nickel model nickel w 300 is the only decent competition for olympus DG 5 on the market today aver camera itself looks solid under isn’t nothing wrong with it from the quality point of view i would like to see more elements made of unpainted steel especially corners that usually take most of the hits manufacturer promises two point one meter it is 7 feet shock resistance and 50 feet or 15 meters of water resistance and there is one strong eyelet for camera strap unlike nick and tough camera filming that provides 2 eyelids but it is not a DSLR so it is not a problem Nalan post came out with this brilliant idea of adding a bayonet socket that allows installation of forty point five millimeter of filter adapter and additional wide-angle and zoom lenses of the original part are expensive.

Olympus Tg-5 Black Friday


But you can always go for pots fitting forty point five millimeter adapter pass set of filter is a must the good thing about filters is that they are usually cheap in the right corner buff you can see what a simple polarizing filter gives you so I truly love that Olympus thought about forty point five millimeter converter socket another a brilliant idea is a set of a macro adapters that are simply a must for this camera it is led light guide and flash diffuser I will tell you why in a couple of minutes when we get to the camera video and photo testing as I already told you I got this camera just for a couple of hours so most of the video footage and photos were taken in full auto I tried some manual settings but simply had too little time to get acquainted with all of the functions unfortunately I would like to have the more manual settings but you have to have in mind that this is just a compact tough waterproof camera okay let’s begin with the first video footage that I took in 4k just after collecting the camera as you can see in this very footage the weather was not the best but was good for shooting video not too much sunlight not too little my when.


She wasn’t cleanest that day but that’s good I was able to check the ability of camera to focus on the background not dirt on my windshield as you can see the video is crisp and there is lots of details available while recording through my windscreen the camera focused on the windshield a couple of times but in general tg5 did a good job when I turned the camera to record in order of vlogging mode the focus was lost for a brief moment but I would say that autofocus works good during filming in good light conditions of the next thing I did and was having a closer look at the camera and to the extras available for it as well as a brief look at the camera’s manual finding the most important functions it offers so I made a couple of short videos testing its 4k video quality and slow-motion at 1080 720 and 360 for 1080 can be recorded in hundreds in 20 fps and looks good and with proper lighting conditions great 720 with 240 frames per second looks usable and 360 with 480 fps well but it is not really usable unless you want to record a fast movement of an object finger the whole screen overall slow-motion for compact camera well it’s great let’s get back to our 4k videos I had some problems with shooting 4k videos a couple of times camera simply stopped recording 4k without an in pop up telling me what was wrong was it as the car that was too slow or was it CPU overheating finally I managed to shoot 4k in highest quality you are watching the sample video now the video if done in good lighting conditions looks very good I tested rolling shutter and to be honest the camera does the job and with good light and high shutter speed no interferences that I would have noticed by tested the camera by recording my backyard lawn and I have to say that I was impressed so I usually test cameras by recording Russ similar color and loads of small details I hadn’t thought that Olympus tg5 would have done such a good job as Olympus to g5 is a waterproof camera it is completely sealed so if you open it in wet conditions and it is not difficult here in Ireland as we have around 80 percent humidity most of the time I notice condensation on the LCD screen while recording 4k it shows that CPU works hard during 4k recording the amount of data collected during 4k recording is massive and it is more or less one gigabyte per minute of your recording so remember to check olympus capability table for your SD cards and buy the biggest card you can afford because 20 minute video will take 20 gigabytes of your card memory my advice at least 64 gigabytes CPU works hard as I just stated so do not expect long battery life while recording 4k but that statement is true about all the cameras recording real 4k available on the market today so the best option is to get a number of batteries and the dual battery charger I gave you a couple of affiliate links below so you’ll be able to find something suitable okay now a bit about the zoom I never use digital zoom so let’s not talk about it the optical zoom is too slow in my opinion it would be nice if it had two settings fast and slow but it is just a compact camera so it should not be a big problem their problem it is that it is noisy and shaky when operating so have it in mind time to talk about focus autofocus works better than in mine Nikko 9 w hundreds it is not a speed demon while recording a video but it will keep video focused and sharp most of the time and will refocus after using zoom so it is much better than in my old Anika 9 w hundred again it is not a speed demon but I am happy with it as.


I used a couple of tough cameras before and this one seems to be the best so far sensor performance the advice here is extremely simple shooting good lighting conditions of the brighter the better I noticed that during shooting at home during a bright day I got loads of noise just check out the areas marked in the video overall this camera does not like low light additions simply use it actively outside and take photos with flash when inside I brought sample pictures taken by this camera on the official Olympus web page and I notice that most of these pictures were taken with ISO 100 most of them in great conditions and only one picture I found was done with ISO 1600 where you can see loads of noise ISO can go up to 12 thousand and 800 but it is simply unusable please let this weak sensor performance not repel you from buying this camera because the best bits were left for the very end of this review why the violence there is manual temperature selection for your white balance and this is one of the great features that I saw on leans some of the GoPros but you cannot compare these two cameras so this feature is brilliant and it does not exist in comparable new Nikon W 300 and now the juice is part of them all macro macro in this the g5 is simply spectacular first of all aw hundred – aw hundred and thirty s cameras would focus let’s say 2 centimeters that is 4/5 of an inch from the lens this dg5 focuses from a zero zero distance and it will focus here are some samples of both videos and pictures in one of the macro modes and you will get four of them there is this microscope mode that gives really stunning results.

If you are not new to macro photography you will know that focus fields depth is very shallow when you’re taking macro photos tg5 has this brilliant option of taking for photos with different focus then merge them into one picture and the results are simply mind-blowing full such a waterproof compact camera they are spectacular all of them done in auto mode you will be able to take pictures so close that the object will almost cover the hololens thus you will probably have to buy those a little LED guide light and flash diffusers that I talked about before affiliated links below in the description macros are simply fantastic the g5 will take raw pictures in olympus ORF file format if you’re really into adventure photography you will be able to get all from your pictures you will not take raw pictures with your own nichkhun WT hundred well it is high time I give you the final grade and my final grade is ninety out of hundred these are the features that I had to take these 10 points out noisy zoom that is a bit too slow too much noise with higher ISO settings but brilliant with lower settings slow focus when taking videos but it will simply out glance a w 300 in the following mods and extras from both olympus and third parties filter lenses covers lots of them for such a small camera superba Macra simply exceptional and you have to remember about the better white balance options if I was to choose between the nikon w 310 olympus DG 5 olympus DG 5 is of the winner and to top the review up i was so impressed with the macros taken with this tough olympus.