Nutribullet Pro 900 Black Friday

Nutribullet Pro 900 Black Friday Deals Get Discount in 2021

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Nutribullet Pro 900 Black Friday Deals

The cup to start blending the unit comes with 15 pieces the base two blades one oversized cup two tall cups one handled lip ring one regular lip ring one short cup one flip up to go lid two resealable lids a pocket nutritionist a user guide and recipe book and a hardcover book with recipes the plastic is BPA free the maximum capacity is 4 cups for this oversized cup the parts are dishwasher safe on the top rack except for the blades that should be hand wash and warm not hot soapy water it’s best to rinse out the parts and warm soapy water immediately after making your smoothie it saves a lot of time and prevents stuff on messes the unit is almost 15 inches tall with the oversized cup it’s very compact and doesn’t take up much space on your counter I’ll test the nutribullet by making three different drinks first I’ll make a green smoothie with kale ginger and carrots I’ll put my kale into the oversized cup some carrot and some ginger I’m going to pour some water and I don’t want to pour anything over the max fill line put the blade on the cup and put the cup on the base match the tabs to the slots to keep blending just push down on the cup if you don’t use enough water and ingredients get stuck you can remove the cup tap it or shake it up to move the ingredients around and process it again remember not to process for more than one minute at a time you can see that the smoothie is perfectly smooth all the kale and ginger and carrots have been completely processed I’ll taste it I absolutely despise kale but the ginger and carrot make it taste a lot better the ginger actually gives it a nice spicy bite it takes literally ten seconds to rinse out the cup and blade right after you make your smoothie you really don’t need to bother with the dishwasher next.

Nutribullet Pro 900 Black Friday


I’ll make a mango lassi with frozen mango checks put the chunks in the cup some yogurt some sugar and some water put the blade on press down and twist untwist and remove the pressure that builds up makes the container a little bit difficult to open you can see how thick the mango lassi is you can add more or less water depending on how thick you want it you can make it the consistency of a sorbet or ice cream by using less water I’ll taste it it is perfectly smooth and creamy it’s really refreshing this is a great alternative to fattening ice creams and other desserts now I’ll make a vanilla frozen coffee going to use regular ice cubes I’m going to pour on some strong coffee i brewed strong coffee and I mixed it with half-and-half sugar and vanilla extract the coffee is cool don’t put any hot or carbonated liquids in the unit all the ice is perfectly processed taste it I love drinking this on a hot day it’s so much better for you than what you buy at the coffee shop because you know what you put in here it’s cold smooth and creamy the nutribullet pro did a great job of processing everything that I throw in it the fibers of kale and ginger were pureed well the nutribullet is not a replacement for a stand of blender since the maximum capacity is four cups it’s best for people who make a lot of smoothies and it will help you drink more healthy smoothies because you can have it right on the countertop you can’t make a large amount in the oversized cup and pour it into the two smaller cups and it’s easy to take along it’s very fast and simple to use cleanup takes just a few seconds all you do is rinse out the cup and blade it’s a great value for somebody who’s starting a healthier lifestyle and is going to be drinking a lot of smoothies.


I would be able to give you a proper and realistic review i bought this in la zada it was only 149 that time and then when i check it today it’s actually 159 but the original price is 1.99 so um you better check on the lazada app if you are planning to buy uh this one because sometimes the price they tend to go down for some time and then they go up again you can check it online i decided to get a blender for myself because actually for the past few months i was really sick i was diagnosed with gerd that’s gastroesophageal reflux disease i think that’s gerdy that’s good and so basically it’s um all about the food going down to your stomach and then it goes up again because there’s this muscle that’s not really tightening properly so the acid flows back to the esophagus basically i cannot eat as much as i can i can only eat small portions of food every meal and i have to eat nutritious foods i have to eat vegetables less oil so all those stuff i have to maintain healthy and and clean food but because i cannot eat as much as i can i decided to blend them instead of just eating them so it’s easier for me to consume and digest i usually


do green smoothies with the green green leafy vegetables with fruits etc so all those things so this blender really helps me a lot to make sure that i get the nutrients that my body needs i spend a lot of time looking for a blender and this i think this one is the best one that i found if you are having the same situation with me if you also have gerd or anything with your stomach that you cannot eat properly i think the smoothie really helps because it makes eating it makes consuming nutrients easier for me so this blender so this is the bath that it comes with it says bp bpa free um it’s non-toxic plastic so i think it is safe for consumer in the box you can find this one um power base this is 900 watts and this is the end of the power cord so you can just put an adapter on whichever is applicable for you and you can find two extractor blades this one i barely use two because i just make a smoothie for my selfie so i just use one and then you also have this to go lid in case you want to take your smoothie and consume it somewhere else so you can use this lid and then attach here and you have two more it looks used already it’s not clear anymore because i’ve been using one cup every day i’ve been just using this i keep the the rest because i’m just at home i just work here at home so.

I don’t really use the other cups so that’s why this one does not look new anymore so you have two of these and then you also have one smaller cup which is this one you have this handle so basically you can just interchange everything so if you want to use this for the handle for this it’s okay you can do that and if you want to use this smaller cups you can also do the same like this and then you can enjoy your smoothie like this and if you want the lid without the handle you can you have one more which is this one you can just put it on and then it’s good to go and for the last two parts you have the cover you have the tool cover which is also usable for all the cups that you have so you whichever you’re using then you can just put it in so so cool because there’s a lot of props that you can use depending on what you need at the moment so you can also have a one copy one booklet of note 3 bullet pocket nutritionist honestly i haven’t i haven’t checked this one but um it’s giving you some guides on the fruits and what are the benefits of each fruit the greens what you can get from them the boosters etc and one more you have the nutri bullet user guide and recipe book this one is very useful especially if you don’t know much about making a smoothie you’re not sure what fruits or what or what vegetables you are going to blend you can have this as your guide but i usually go to google i never use this one yet um i i was checking this but nah i just go to google and then take my recipes from there so now let’s talk about the good things that i am experiencing while using this blender so first what i like about this the most is there’s no complicated buttons um on this blender you can see there’s no buttons anywhere there’s only one function turn and then blend and then that’s that’s done so it’s very easy to use also i like this because it’s so small it’s portable i can just put it anywhere i want in the kitchen space saving device equipment to blend it’s very easy you just have to put your vegetables your fruits on the cup close it with the extractor blades put it on the base and then twist boom it’s blending after that it’s done so you just take it out open it and then it’s ready so it’s very easy and then the best thing also is it’s so easy to clean what i learned is right after i make my smoothie i immediately wash it so the fruits the vegetables everything will not dry on the blade so while it’s still wet while still fresh you wash it immediately and also the cup is very easy to clean i usually blend like 30 to 40 seconds only so it’s really it’s really very fast and easy it says here that do not operate continuously for more than one minute um i think the longest that i blend is only around 45 45 seconds but usually i just do it for for 30 seconds i never tried operating it for more than one minute i’m Not sure if other people do that but for me i never do if i want to make two smoothies i just run the blender for around 30 seconds for the first smoothie and i let it rest for around one to two minutes and then after that i continue with my second smoothie it doesn’t really heat up easily on the second smoothie That’s what i love about this blender the other things the disadvantage or my maybe the problem of this blender so far is i think i only have two problems with this blender first the very first one that i encountered was um after blending you’re supposed to um twist it on the opposite side to release it from the from the lock but the problem is it can it will not release anymore so it gets stuck on the base so i’m not able to turn it off so what i do is just i pull out the plug and continue twisting but there was a time that it never really released from the base so i went online and i found out that a lot of people are having the same problems what they suggest is like to apply force on the cup to release whatever luck is inside so i did that for like five minutes and finally it was released but the next time i had the problem it was not really helpful it took me like 15 minutes to get it out so i keep getting that problem and eventually i found a work around so what i do is i turn this on first and then plug it in and when i’m done i can just twist it to unlock and then it never stop again ever that is my like solution to that problem so since i do that i never had the problem of being stuck on the base the second problem which i only encountered maybe once yeah only once ever is it leaked here so while blending i did not know after i finished blending when i when i took it out there’s a lot of leak on the base maybe it was my fault maybe i did not tighten it properly but yeah It was only one time so i was thinking it’s my fault it’s not the it’s not a device fault so yeah those are the problems that i encounter while using this but it doesn’t really bother me because for the stock problem i found the solution and for the leak problem um i just tighten it properly so it won’t leak so after that i never really had the same issue anymore so now let’s try and make a smoothie so i will show you how to use this one so let’s make a green smoothie i have here spinach i have strawberries i have pear so this is like my recipe for for my daily smoothie i’ll just use this cup it’s enough yeah this one enough spinach while googling they always say that put your leaves first and then your fruits so i’ll put my strawberry and my pear i think i have more pear than i did i just put everything and of course your milk make sure that when you put your milk it doesn’t go beyond the max label but for me i just put like really small amount of milk now it’s good let me just get my my blade cover that so as mentioned uh what i do is i don’t plug it before i turn this on so let me just unplug it first and then here so you put it and then you twist and plug it in okay.