Nikon Coolpix B500 Black Friday

Nikon Coolpix B500 Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

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Nikon Coolpix B500 Black Friday

This is the Nikon or Nikon Coolpix be 500 2021’s most interesting and best super zoom camera super zooms of always being a very interesting camera series they’re essentially a bit of a point-and-shoot slap together with a super zoom lens it’s got a 1 inch sensor we’ve a crazy 40 times optical zoom and look how excited this little guy gets these types of cameras are perfect for people that want to take a simple camera with them set it to auto point shoot at their subject and not have to worry about changing any of the settings plus having the versatility of a lens that can zoom in like a paparazzi shooter not even kidding maybe even slightly creepy how far this thing can zoom it’s essentially an equivalent of a 900 millimeter telephoto lens which is nuts for something this small I naturally those were the sample shots let me know what you thought of them down below in the comments some other features though it has a tilt Aleksey d– screen so if you’re shooting super down low or super up high you can see exactly what

Nikon Coolpix B500 Black Friday


You’re shooting it’s got to zoom rockers one on the left-hand side of the camera and one right by the shutter release it’s also got this nice chunky grip so you won’t drop this thing and it isn’t super awkward to hold on to I’m a huge fan of that in terms of the actual settings you don’t have any manual options on the dial wheel you’ll have to choose from either say smart portrait creative mode sport backlighting scene or just what mainly most people will use is just Auto on the actual screen you can control things like hue vividness and even control the brightness and exposure and once you did right into that menu system it is pretty simple now we can change things like white balance ISO and autofocus mode you just can’t change that on the actual dial another thing to mention this camera actually uses double-a batteries which seems to be harder and harder to find so you’ll either love or hate the versatility of batteries.


You never have to worry about charging your device and batteries are usually available probably every single place you go just make sure if you go on a trip pack some extra ones and you should be ready to rock and roll I got around 200-300 shots before I had to swap these out so pretty decent in terms of battery life 300 bucks you’re getting a very solid super zoom camera that takes great pics especially and maybe only if you have great light once it starts to get a bit darker that’s where things start to get a bit grainy and a bit messy shoots 1080p up to 30 fps unfortunately no 4k built in just yet I know a few Nikon products have that.


but we’re still waiting for that to reach the Coolpix series for a one inch sensor though and the crazy reach of this forty times optical zoom lens if this is what you’re looking for that versatility of having that super range lens to shoot whatever you want to get in the an extremely versatile camera for those looking for a simple point shoot to take pretty decent photos and you don’t have to worry about spending an extra five hundred and extra thousand dollars on to three different lenses you can just carry around one device you can have the versatility of a super wide shot or you can go all the way and zoom till your heart’s content that will pretty much wrap up my review of the be 500 let me know what you think of this crazy long super zoom.