Lenovo Yoga 730 Black Friday

Lenovo Yoga 730 Black Friday Deals Get Discount in 2021

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Lenovo Yoga 730 Black Friday Deals

The Lenovo yoga 730 15 inch 2 in 1 laptop so to start off with the specs inside we got an Intel Core i5 8250 u quad core processor we got the GTX 1050 max Q design graphics card we come with eight gigabytes of RAM ddr4 which is expandable up to 16 gigabytes of RAM we also get a 256 gigabyte SSD and finally go to a four point one oh yeah an AC Wi-Fi so in terms of i/o you’re actually pretty darn good so on the right side we get a USB 3.1 port that doubles as an insert point for your pen there’s another one on the opposite side you get hdmi 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3 so that is really cool you get a thunderbolt 3 support so you can use an e GPU with this laptop you can also use your external SSDs for this laptop it’s a really cool thing to have in 2018 then like I said on the opposite side there’s another USB 3.1 court there is a charge port the headphone jack a combo jack and then finally there is a little reset button it looks like but it is like way inside the laptop the only way you can actually reset this laptop is if you use a pin so that is something to keep in mind if you wish to reset this thing there’s no actual reset button then you also get your GBL speakers on the bottom and it is all in a very thin package and I’ve been using it for the past almost two months and it has held up very well it is a solid laptop like I’ve done all these past videos conducting all the smart portions that have come up to me in the past few months I changed from pen did a few things to power management and I’m gonna recap them all in this video basically those are all a little bit spread thin so today’s video you’re gonna get basically a recap of all it and some extra things that I think that should be mentioned so to start off with to deal with power management this laptop can easily last eight hours no question about it this laptop lasts a very long time but it can always be improved and to do that I used throttle stop so I’m gonna show you my settings up on screen now what normal stop actually does it is a software to under fault your CPU basically CPUs come off the factory and they get much more voltage than they actually require which produces excess heat and not much performance in return so by under faulting the CPU by reducing the voltage you’re gonna reduce the heat and therefore maybe gonna make able to run a lot a little bit longer but most importantly it reduces battery life or increases battery life reduces battery usage sorry and that is a major major benefit now you don’t have to do this in order to hit the eight hours that is advertised on the laptop.

Lenovo Yoga 730 Black Friday


It definitely helps out a little bit and of course that will actually allow you to get in the neighborhood of nine hours if you dim the screen all the way to a 10 percent screen really good I have no complaints the screen does flicker whenever you turn on the Bluetooth though I mean it does get full of fingerprints because you’re using the touchpad because you’re using it as a touchscreen I’m actually having to find or I actually started looking for many reasons to fold the screen like this and I’m actually doing it quite often and the same goes for presentation mode I put this interesting presentation mode really often and this is because of Netflix so I watch a lot of Netflix and I don’t want a keyboard in a way and I want to like limit the amount of space of actually using on the on the table or on the desk in the cafeteria and putting it in tent mode is gonna require the least amount of of space or if you want to use it as a laptop don’t want a keyboard in your way you can just put an in presentation mode you can put in presentation mode it looks sleek it looks good and you don’t have to worry about any keyboard I honestly think it’s a great design to hinge it has held up very well so far and still as smooth as it was at the beginning although there is one thing that I do not know quite for sure if we open up the laptop and there the hinge looks fine on the left side but on the right side you can actually see that it’s connected only on one side I don’t know why this is it’s not like it’s a manufacturing issue that the pin is missing or something from the hinge but there is this gap in here and I don’t know why it is there it’s not on the right side of the right hinge but it is and it’s also about the case on the left hinge but for this weird spot to have this gap is is odd to me I don’t know if it just has something to do with the way the laptop is designed but I don’t know it just looks weird to me the fingerprint sensor also a thing to discuss the fingerprint sensor at first seemed to have some trouble recognizing my finger but that is because I did it wrong so what I what I’m used to configuring a fingerprint sensor on my phone it’s like tap tap tap really quickly on this laptop you need to be a little bit more careful so what I’m used to from fingerprints on other devices and that they want the fingerprint sensor like if they want your finger on the middle but they also want you to do two surrounding edges and because I did the surrounding edges while I was doing the center it specifically asks you by the way to first do the center of your finger and then to later dude the edges but I didn’t know that at first so that is why my fingerprint calibration went completely wrong so first tapped a few first few times with the middle of your finger and nothing else and then when it asks you to add the extra edges of your finger then do it and now it is right to string much better as well on the thumb as well on the on the index finger it.


Performing much better right now a trackpad trackpad is also what I would say really good it’s smooth as hell I love it I think it’s a glass surface and yeah with this precision drivers so you can do awesome stuff with this of course the multitasking switching apps but there’s also going back and forward from browsers and of course zooming in and out of browsers so you can basically see this touchpad as a touchscreen well basically the same way you would interact with the touchscreen so when I want to enlarge something on my screen on a web browser I would need to just pinch it on the screen but you could also do the same thing with witness precision drivers on the trackpad so that’s a really cool thing and I think old laptops should have that witness precision drivers is the way to go so to Uihlein drivers and the synaptic drivers can go and be being their business somewhere else because I honestly love the windows precision drivers it’s the closest we can come to the amazing Apple trackpads the keyboard is actually a really good keyboard I love the typing experience on it I can type on this for hours on end I love programming on it apart from the smaller arrow keys but other than that it’s a very solid laptop and it doesn’t have the weird thing I don’t know why laptops do this but it doesn’t have the weird thing whereas the power button next to the Delete key because there’s a programmer you’re gonna hit an awful lot on the Delete key and if you accidentally press the power button blue by your coding program so no instead the power button is actually on the right side of the laptop and that is something to get used to you might happen accidentally sometimes.


You will definitely at some point get used to it and it actually is a lot more let’s say friendly I mean it does give off on LED lights which I wish you could turn off because honestly I I would notice if my laptop was on but yeah it’s just an indicator light it doesn’t use much power so don’t worry about that draining your battery a few other things that I probably should mention is well camera now even with a studio like fixed on me it still looks terrible lots of noise as you can see but the microphone is all right here I would say yeah it could be better could be a lot better all laptops that have this problem apart from the surface laptops as far as I’m concerned order service book nothing is the first one actually a proper Sony sensor in the webcam compartment but yeah other than that it’s a very solid laptop temperatures temperatures so far have been really good so when this thing is battery plugged and you are just doing your documents it is passively cooled the the van the fans do not spin up at all when you plug it in it automatically turns to fans always on just to deal with the heat from the battery immediately converting it back to energy for the laptop that is just a way to deal with heat from the battery but then it then the fans threw it on and of course when you’re doing intensive tasks but other than that it best basically stays silent it’s a passively cooled laptop but well not really you it sounds like a passively cooled laptop but it actually has two fans it has two drills on the back and it has two fans in each one or one fan and each one sorry and they endure and they work together to cool the GPU and the CPU and dissolve it on RAM together either that or it was the VR Rams from the graphics card that were under that portion I did a disassembly video and there we could see that the heat spreader actually went further than the graphics card in a CPU I’m not sure if it’s the V RMS or the RAM I wouldn’t know but I don’t feel like taking it off right now maybe in a year or two when I’m gonna repay sting with some new thermal compound what I basically do with all my devices once they get it a certain age finish on the laptop by the way I love it it’s aluminum it looks slick it looks professional more importantly so no gamer looks it also has a backlit keyboard so if you’re working at nights that is awesome to have one thing that did happen to me though I don’t know how but I got two scratches on the top portion of the laptop which I think it’s very unfortunate I don’t know how it happened but it just happened I think I went past a metal object or something or it could have actually been a metal object well okay it has to be in a metal object but there’s something you have to keep in mind the screen holds itself to the laptop with magnets because it closes with magnets these are actually some very powerful magnets that are so there is there’s one as far as I know from the left of the trackpad and on the right of the below the fingerprint sensor and I think it has something to do with the speaker unit or they say thoughts but then of course. I was like okay wait a minute there’s lots of clothes this like so and it clicks into place yeah it’s magnets so try and keep metal objects away from the edges of your laptop because it will stay there stuck and this is aluminium it’s not the strongest material in the world so basically any other metal can scratch this laptop so be careful with your coins because it is gonna stick to this thing and it’s not gonna let go anytime soon same goes for the screen along the edges here at the top don’t put coins or anything near that because it is magnetic and it’s gonna stick there no matter what you throw at it performance over the time has been really really good I’m very happy with the performance it is smooth it is snappy and even with the under bolting it still performs very very good oh yeah there’s one more thing is the GPU throttling if you want some more in-depth detail on that there’s a video I have right here that I’ve already made considering this I did the GTA 5 gaming test as well you can check out here and it will basically show you how I try to deal with the thermal throttling in games and like anything that has to do with performance in gaming so what it basically comes down to is that this laptop comes out of the factory with optimal power program enabled for the GPU so if you go and right-click on your desktop and go to the Nvidia control settings panel or the control panel settings then you can go to your 3d settings program settings or global settings and in there you will find your power plan and the power plan for the GPU is set to optimal power which means better power consumption but way worse performance.

I mean like a like a very 60% age loss in performance when you turn that to maximum performance or consistent performance or Nvidia driver control performance the frame rates are gonna rise up like a skyrocket it’s gonna go much it’s gonna perform as optimally as it possibly can it’s gonna push out as many friends as you possibly can and after that the temperatures vary the temperatures in a game like Fallout 4 would be just like on my PC somewhere around the 60 degree mark 50 degree mark on the CPU and the GPU but when it comes to games like GTA 5 that are very intensive on that hardware and are not as well optimized will suffer and will run an eighty or ninety degrees Celsius so it can get quite hot but because the CP or the GPU are all the way in the back of the laptop and not compromising the keyboard it’s not gonna get too hot it you’ve gotta feel it at the W key but other than that the keyboard stays relatively cool so touching this thing is not a hassle and where your palm sits doesn’t get hot at all because there’s no heat sinks or whatever to be found there everything gets immediately filtered through the back of the laptop which i think is a really good design because this way we can actually avoid a lot of dust I mean it’s dope unten ters through the bottom of course but what I meant to say is that if you’re in tech mode or tablet mode you’re not gonna get as much dust which is great so for people that like chilling in their bed with the laptop and they put it on the blankets and you’re gonna fill it up with dust no problem anymore just put it in tent mode or tablet over no more dust and yeah I think that’s pretty much it so under fold your CPU deal with that graphics throttling problem by just putting it on maximum performance and you should have a solid performing laptop and I think that it’s gonna be much better there’s also that I compared this laptop to the XPS 15 and I’m proud to say that I made the right call for getting this laptop because it’s right as I was thinking about making this video I got a message or a comment on the video and it said that he had a XPS 15 reg he is now having on the kitchen table ready for refunds because the keyboard attract pad is not as good as you would like the screen was underperforming or was back like bleeding and lots of blue screens of death with driver issues which are which XPS laptops are just known for but yeah that has been my review of the Lenovo yoga 730 it is a solid laptop and I would definitely recommend it there are the perfect laptop doesn’t exist unfortunately I hid it it doesn’t exist it would have been the surface laptop if it only were attacked cheaper and it didn’t have that stupid DisplayPort that nobody uses if it had HDMI 2.0 I would recommend it in a heartbeat but students need HDMI and this thing has HDMI and the surface laptop doesn’t it still has that crappy DisplayPort that nobody uses so that’s been it hopefully you guys learned something.