Jbl Charge 3 Black Friday

Jbl Charge 3 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Jbl Charge 3 Black Friday Deals

Bluetooth speakers are amazing to think this small device outputs clear loud sound with bass wirelessly connects to your phone and has a rechargeable battery making it portable is just incredible but over the years I’ve had a tough time finding the perfect portable speaker to suit my needs my criteria was as follows first off had to have excellent sound quality of course secondly it had to be a speaker that can be used anywhere especially outdoors third it had to have a great battery life because the portable speaker isn’t worth anything if it only asked for 30 minutes and lastly it had to have convenient features that complement the speaker I started off purchasing the UE boom in the original one I had a pretty rugged design which meant it could be used anywhere he had excellent features like the ability to pair two speakers together and turn the speaker on and off remotely 


Jbl Charge 3 Black Friday

But unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t that great and the battery drained very quickly especially at full volume so I sold it and moved on to the Bose Soundlink 3 the Bose had excellent sound with rich bass in clear highs and the battery definitely lasted a while but it was very basic in its feature set no connecting tooth speakers together and no phone out it didn’t even charge over USB lastly it was made out of aluminium and plastic which is pretty strong but outside it would just get scratched so.


I sold it too and all this led me up to this speaker the JBL charge 3 which I got about a year ago and trust me after two Bluetooth speakers and countless hours online this is the speaker that perfectly balances all my criteria so let’s go over it now [Music] the charges three isn’t tiny but it is very manageable and can easily fit in a backpack or a bag it has a very unique shape which contributes to its speaker placement on the front it has two regular drivers while on the sides are two base radiators which are very big compared to other speakers in this class we’ll talk about them later when we get to sound quality on the bottom is a flat foot which allows it to stay upright unlike the JBL flip series this speaker is meant to lay on its side on the back is a big rubber flap which hides a micro USB charging port 3.5 millimeter Orcs jack and a full-size USB more on that later up top are all the buttons and controls they’re all rubbery and clicky and don’t wear easily as you can see everything is sealed nicely and that’s because the speaker is ipx7 water proof that’s right it’s fully submerged of up to one meter this means.


It’s great for outdoor use so that’s the first check on to sound quality now I’m gonna be straight up with you the Bose did sound better than the choice 3 it had clearer highs and a bit deeper bass but now that I have that out of the way we can take a look at this speak on its own for its size it has incredible sound the two bass radiators give it a deep rumbling bass that’s very surprising the first time you hear it seriously you just don’t expect bass like that to come out of the unit this small the mids are more present than I’d usually like but the highs have just enough Sparkle to make them seem balanced with the rest of the sound when the speaker’s played out about 70 percent the DSP kicks in to allow maximum sound output this causes the bass to become lower than the mids and highs it’s not completely absent but you can clearly hear we’re getting quieter the good thing is the even at full volume sound never becomes distorted at full volume this speaker has the capacity to fill a medium-sized room which is impressive now yes the Bose had better sound overall but considering this has more layers between the drivers and the outside to make it rugged and that it’s waterproof both features that the Bose never had this Speaker sounds amazing so overall sound is a win JBL have incorporated a number of awesome features that really make it a league above other speakers first off you can connect up to three devices simultaneously to the speaker at a range of up to 10 meters and yeah that range holds up really really nicely when one device plays it takes control of the speaker the buttons on top control play and pause with one press and you can skip track with a double press but sadly you can’t go back to a previous track so you can only go forward you can also long press for Siri or Google assistant depending if you’re on iOS or Android another useful feature is the built-in speakerphone so you can answer phone calls while connected has a microphone built-in which does a decent job picking up voices but nothing spectacular mostly the speaker has the ability to hook up to other JBL speakers using JBL connect pressing the JBL connect button once on each speaker pairs them together and as the speaker’s to create either stereo segments or both can play the same tracks simultaneously which is called party play the chart 3 is also compatible with JBL connect plus which allows up to 100 speakers to be connected together with all these great features and lots of other little things the JBL child’s 3 is definitely more than just a simple Bluetooth speaker finally we reach the last point battery life so how is it well better than you might think JBL advertises 20 hours of use and I’d have to agree if you play.


It around 50% volume playing above that cuts the battery life to about 14 hours at 70% and about 5 hours at full volume which is actually really good the speaker has a six thousand milliamp hour battery which combined with the back USB port allows you to charge your smartphone using the internal battery of course this cuts down on actual usage time of the speaker but it’s a very handy feature when you need backup power charging this large battery takes about four and a half hours so best to do it overnight you can also charge the speaker while using it which really helps when you forgot to charge it in total battery life holds up very well it can definitely last a full day of music playback so as you can see I really like the speaker it strikes the perfect balance of sound quality build features and battery life I can take this speaker anywhere and not be worried if it’ll get damaged or wet and the sound quality is almost perfect definitely above other rugged outdoor speakers the disadvantages are minor but one thing I hope for in the next version is more balanced sound with crisper highs and lower lows and if the flip four is any indication of progress the next version should improve on this aspect of the speaker but other than that at an average price of 120 pounds this checks all the right boxes to make an excellent speaker in almost any situation.