Garmin Vívoactive 3 Black Friday Deals 2021

Garmin Vívoactive 3 Black Friday
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In this post i am going to share all Garmin Vívoactive 3 Black Friday Deals & all Garmin Vívoactive 3 cyber Monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Garmin Vívoactive 3 Black Friday Deals

I think it probably should have been in that 270 dollar price change with a slight version of 300 bucks but the great news is the price will probably drop rapidly just like most products do four to five months after launch compared to the Apple watch if you’re an iPhone owner this is going to make the decision a little bit harder with the new series 3 as I actually do think they are competitors and I’ll be pitting them head-to-head in an upcoming comparison review but to sum it all up I think the beer after 3 really hits that sweet spot between everyday activity trackers and more serious activity trackers if you’re not someone that’s graduating from a vivofit or you’ve been upgrading from their previous vivoactive HR this is gonna be fantastic then actually maybe a little bit more watch than you need right now but my suggestion is that if you’re just starting or even trying to up your fitness game use those capabilities as an excuse to do more and expand your fitness then if you’ve been considering the forerunner to 35 but really wanted better looks then this is going to work really well for you plus you’ll be getting a barometric altimeter it also collects basic running dynamics like cadence and stride length and honestly most people don’t need much more than that it also pairs with standard heartrate straps as well as other sensors like Garmin speed and cadence sensors so there really aren’t any issues there unless you need more advanced data but then you should probably be considering a 935 or a Phoenix and then finally if you’ve owned or considered buying a Phoenix and just thought it was way too much watch for you or you even thought that the Phoenix was just a little bit too heavy again this is a great option it does a lot honestly I’d say more than the average consumer actually needs but again use that as an opportunity to get more fit.

Garmin Vívoactive 3 Black Friday


I thought about design and hardware the interface and software as well as the built in activities and how well they performed so to wrap things up let’s talk about move IQs some of the SmartWatch features the battery life as well as a final verdict on what’s good what’s not so good and if this watch is actually right for you so one of the things I didn’t cover in the activity’s episode was move IQ because technically it’s actually not really an activity I’ll touch on that here in just one second but I did manage to try this out on numerous occasions for walking running both indoors and outdoors cycling both indoors and outdoors as well as swimming and the elliptical all of which are what Garmin says Move IQ can track with the exception to indoor cycling but in the interest of science I decided to try that out it did manage to understand indoor and outdoor walking and running cycling outdoors but not indoors although it did track a higher heart rate for that time period unfortunately I could not get it to register elliptical nor swimming and I did perform those for at least 15 minutes just to overshoot the 10-minute minimum it takes to initiate move IQ so overall I think move IQ is kind of a neat feature but in my opinion if you have this level of watts you probably care about data enough to start an activity and capture data for reals then maybe I’m wrong but I do suppose it will work in a pinch if you forget to start an activity but just note that these will not show up in your activity feed but only on the day view of the calendar in Garmin Connect for Smart Watch features notifications worked although they were pretty basic for iPhone these will be one-way messages to the Beave active three and they work well for getting those status updates but unfortunately Mia can’t reply from the watch I did manage to try out notifications on my friend’s Android phone but I apologize because the footage got mangled so I don’t have any real footage of that but I will tell you that Android notifications do work but they are a little bit limited with the canned responses that you can reply with user controls are gonna be super handy. 


I actually did find myself using this quite a bit at the gym as well as home when my phone was paired to a Bluetooth speaker in my opinion it’s actually very useful feature the stock weather widget also works well and giving you a glimpse of the rest of the day as well as an extended outlook the calendar widget can be a great way to see a glimpse of what you have planned for the rest of the day and lastly I wasn’t able to test Garmin pay because it wasn’t available at the time of this filming but I may cover that in an epilogue oh wait is it a prologue no an epilogue it’s gonna be a log of some sort for battery life Garmin pretty much always delivers on battery life but I was actually a little bit disappointed although it’s not as advertised you could probably squeeze almost six days out of this thing if you put it in 20% or lower brightness la comes advice when it’s not used and aren’t using GPS during that time period with a fairly typical GPS usage of maybe 30 to 60 minutes per day you’re probably only gonna be getting about two to three days max you definitely want to lock the device when it’s not in use because the touchscreen is so sensitive that any skin contact will activate it which could drain the battery life even further but the good news is a full charge from three percent only took a little bit over an hour so if your watch is drained you can plug it in for just 20 to 30 minutes before heading out for a run or riding you should be totally good to go unless you’re going out for that 4 plus hour beast mode workout and by the way you really don’t need much more than 30 percent as even at 30 percent it’s very readable in nearly any environment so here’s what I really liked about the device first of all it looks great and its really spell and very lightweight it’s also extremely comfortable to wear so much so that you actually may forget that you’re wearing it the strap is made out of very nice material but it is kind of skinny.


But it’s not so skinny that it’s uncomfortable it’s a very standard 20 millimeter strap so you’re gonna have a multitude of bands to choose from not only from Garmin but from third parties as well the touch screen and large display which is the same size as the Fenix 5x is incredible in sunlight and the touch screen works really well and I actually got so used to it that I occasionally try to touch the screen on my Phoenix 5 X plus the touch screen works really well with gloves the simple one-button interface takes some getting used to especially if you’re coming from physical buttons but overall is very intuitive with tooltips scattered throughout to help you learn the device and it’s also dirt simple to use for starting pausing and resuming work out the software interface is really good and simple to navigate making it easy to use and easy to customize sideswipe is also a really nice addition and gives an alternative to the touchscreen and by the way it does work with gloves also the new round display makes it so it’s more inline with a Phoenix or 4runner in regards to connect IQ apps widgets and watch faces so they don’t have different layouts from round to Square designs it also does most of the daily stuff really well like steps calories distance and sleep in regardless activities overall I think it did really well at nearly everything and it comes with what I think is a very comprehensive list of activities to choose from I thought the GPS and heartrate performance was pretty darn good and totally in line with all my other test devices and funny enough my experience actually a lot less spikes in heart rate than I did with my feet 5x also I was super impressed by the tracking of indoor walking and running and after some calibration with an outdoor runner – it was pretty much spot-on with treadmill distances lastly this may sound kind of like a backhanded compliment but the software at launch was actually really darn good and didn’t suffer from a lot of the firmware shoes that the Fenix 5 series did at launch and now for things I didn’t necessarily like although it’s very lightweight which is a plus for wearability there’s a clear difference between the build quality versus a Phoenix it’s not cheap by any means but not necessarily premium either plus I was ridiculously careful with it and I still managed to get a small gouge in the silver bezel also the skinny watch band pin worries me if you were to get the watch caught on something and it’s definitely not gonna be for larger risk with a maximum wearable risk of circumference of 204 millimeters although I said the silver color was nicer than the photos make it appear I just don’t think it’s actually gonna be that popular and i think they should probably just stuck with this slate and white versions also it does have a good design but it’s not exactly the most rugged and masculine looking so just keep that in mind the touch screen is sensitive but it’s actually almost too sensitive especially with water or sweat there’s also an odd little bluish purple hue to it in certain lighting conditions. I wish it was a deeper black with a little bit more contrast sideswipe is an awesome feature in theory but it’s not as usable in the real world and can be a little bit twitchy it only has enough memory to save and activities we’re with the Phoenix and foreigner you can go back for months on end the altimeter was slightly lower than test devices with about a five to eight percent difference with pretty much every GPS activity I did and indoor accuracy left something to be desired in terms of floors climbed finally battery life was definitely a little bit of a disappointment considering that’s a huge selling point for Garmin so maybe in the next version it should have a little bit larger battery and I think even a small increase in weight would barely be noticeable considering it’s so lightweight already so the verdict for price and value I actually am NOT going to say this is good nor bad because I actually have two different perspectives on this first off 300 bucks is a bargain for what you get in this device in regards to the software data and features but even though the design is much better than the previous vivoactive HR and brings it closer to the phoenixes comparing it to the Apple watch series 3 it makes it kind of tough to swallow at this price point.

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