Garmin Etrex 30x Black Friday

Garmin Etrex 30x Black Friday Deals 2021

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Garmin Etrex 30x Black Friday Deals

The etrex 30 Garmin GPS I’ve had many many GPS as I’ve ears I’ve been using them successfully for well over 10 10 years probably I had the Rory one of the very first Garmin GPS is that come out in fact when they were when it was made available to the public so I Adamson since the GPS was available to the public which is actually I could be that’s over 20 years ago so yeah I’ve been used in GPS history a long time we’ve never had any problems with them I do hear a lot of people saying I should carry a map yeah but these these GPS is reliable I mean they’re just as reliable as a map a map can rip a rap a map can get blown away in the wind or whatever I’ve never had a problem with the GPS but yeah maps are useful I do use maps and yeah easy to read a map I can I can navigate without GPS even or with even without a map I’ve done it many times but I always carry one just in case but a lot at the time you can you know it’s quite easy to do it especially trails are quite easy even without markers you can normally see footprints go and or wear you know just notice things on the ground like grass broken or ruddy branches break.

Garmin Etrex 30x Black Friday


Where people have walked so yeah it’s quite easy to navigate without one really when you get used to it but you should always carry one just in case and what I like about GPS is for navigation is when it’s low cloud cover is that it’s really when it’s nighttime hiking as well like what low cloud cover night time hiking bad weather GPS is a great hiking in that my I can I’m with the GPS this GPS I’ve got iOS maps on type I maps for UK comes a whole UK it’s got most of the rights away on here I can download my routes on here I could see where I see the rights away I don’t have to get a bloody map out and blowing about in the wind you know yes you could say it’s lazy navigation it’s so good like when you’re when you’ve been hiking for like 10 hours in the Sun or whatever or bad weather you your mind isn’t 100% working and it does narrow it down from you walking light too far the wrong way there sometimes you can walk the wrong way you miss read somewhere your mind’s not working probably both the GPS doesn’t now write down it doesn’t stop it altogether you still end up walking wrong ways with GPS or not in art perfect by that and in the mountains they can be a problem for navigating like it doesn’t always give you a perfect reading so yeah they are they are very good like like I love the display the display is good it’s not touchscreen so it doesn’t suffer in rain the see trex 30 so IPA with touchscreen phones of bloody.


I would say like phones are pretty bad for hiking in general I even had a war proof find that firewood on me so but I had always carry a proper Viking GPS phones are useless I think for liking you a lot of people have success with it but until you’ve been enough of a storm then you won’t know that your phone will probably die pretty certain so and big storms happen so yeah this this these clan of GPS isn’t my favela but the etrex we’re talking about here it takes two AAA batteries by alkaline batteries are good enough they last if you leave it on all day they can last depending on the third year they will last you know the whole duck two days even more than two days if it’s if you leave them on all day while you’re hiking let’s say 12 hours a day they we can last over two days in the summer it’s warm enough but in the winter they really last probably a day in the coldest of winter because alkaline batteries get affected by the cold but lithium batteries they are bare but their blood and they’re lighter but a bloody expensive so you probably want to stick to alkaline realistically if you can afford a lithium why you know because it’s light lightweight they don’t not supposed to be affected by the cold so yeah this will tire you a very good accurate reading of your altitude may tell you how high you are above the sea level.


Which is fairly accurate within me is like it’s a bloody good one arm and the guitar we are five Walt it’s how you sunset sunrise times I think you could even download and in some places tide times and all that but I’ve never managed to get that to work in this country or any other country so I don’t know I don’t know how that works but yeah you can download time times apparently how’s it going here I am mark mark interesting points so you can mark waypoints so say like you put your tent up you can mark where you put Your tent up so you don’t lose it when you come back you can find it again in the dark or whatever you got like if you depends on what map software you got on there I’ve got the OS tope tope a map the UK the whole one that I think it’s I don’t know what the scale is I can’t remember but it’s pretty it’s good enough and that has like all the points of interest and even has like other stuff like petrol stations and a secretary cetera but the best is for points of interest and stuff like that it’s a very good hiking it’s got calendar moon Natasha when there’s a full moon it could set an alarm off when you’re near somewhat somewhere you you want to get to so that’s how you’re getting there I’ve never really used that to be honest it’s just very good I do recommend this for hiking I would absolutely recommend that I’ve used I’ve used this in New Zealand the no problem I downloaded some free typo maps there they won’t they’ll pretty crap typo maps to be honest compared to the UK ones and the same for Australia they’re typing maps were free of free crap by the OS map I’m using here which OS UK type a map Ordnance Survey map on here which is very good it’s not free normally they come with them now.They come with the OS Maps a lot of them so if you get one with iOS map it’s a skid it’s gone like the clip on so you can clip onto your bag that’s the original clip and it’s never failed me it’s pretty light however drops it on the floor so many times this I mean even today probably twice I’ve talked sit on the floor twice today and it’s wouldn’t stop working it’s been dropped on them before so many times and I’m not got a screen protector on it as you can see has got a lot of scratches on the screen but they’re still readable this is this one this is probably I know it must be four years old like this for four years this one so yeah I’ve got some good use out of it and they recommend this a lot of sure what else to say about it I the little navigation rubbery things come off but it still wore brief I said I’ve had no problems with it so yeah I really do recommend the etrex 30 or there’s loads of governing GPS is they occurred by I’m with in this particular one and the ID will I’d be recommend it