Garmin Etrex 20x Black Friday

Garmin Etrex 20x Black Friday Deals 2021

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Garmin Etrex 20x Black Friday Deals

I like about it it’s four inches tall two inches wide and maybe an inch into the international a quarter thick doesn’t weigh a whole lot for my backpack I keep about 10 or 15 pounds of gear on my back with the first-aid kit multi-tool and water and all that stuff so the amount of weight that this adds to it is pretty negligible so I love that it’s small the screen on it is actually really good a good picture of it there the what I use it for I don’t use it for geocaching or anything like that although you certainly could the maps that come with it are decent for what I use it for just general hiking and that sort of things trying to get myself lost in the woods but I haven’t yet you can certainly download other maps you could probably go to geocaching sites or different trail sites download the maps to this so you can be a little bit more specialty but for what I use it for there’s the standard maps are great you can also mark waypoints in here so one of the things I do when I go out on a trail that I’ve never been to is I mark the trailhead in here.

Garmin Etrex 20x Black Friday


I go out of my going on my hike and if I get turned around or lost or whatever you can pull up the trailhead or where you parked and this will point a line basically in a straight line to here’s what the trailhead is or here with it here’s where that Waypoint is and you can find your way back so that’s why I’ve never been lost with this guy I’ve been lost plenty of times without a GPS unit but with this thing I’ve yet to get lost and it’s not for lack of trying another thing I can use this for is finding the trail so when when I start a hike I try to remember to reset the timer and when you do that what that does is it leaves a breadcrumb an electronic breadcrumb where you were on the map so recently I was up at the top of a hill and I came down and I got off something somehow I got off the trail head we’re off the trail and I couldn’t find ok this doesn’t look like regular trail because it’s not a real well-traveled trail so pulled up my GPS pulled up the map of where I’d been and it’s okay I need to be another couple hundred yards over that way went over that way found the trail got back to the car every snappy nobody’s fine.


I know the cool thing about it is it just takes double-a batteries which are pretty inexpensive these are just cheap little batteries that that came with a unit they say you get about eight hours of battery life but I’ve used this way more than eight hours and I’ve gotten tons tons of battery life I make sure right now I’m just I’m showing I’ve got three-quarters battery still left so which is awesome I don’t know what gonna happen when it when it does die but some of the way to my backpack is also a couple extra batteries just in case another thing you can do with this guy is that you can find points of interests.


You can go in here and it’s got the little where to and you click on it and say recent finds points of interest is the third one down right there and you can pull up different trails you can pull up mountaintops you can pull up restaurants any kind of point of interest there’s even a way in here to put in an address and it’ll tell you how to get there so it does have some of the I think it’s got some of the most common streets thank you most of the streets in the country are in here at least in my neck of the woods so great little unit I’ll leave a link down below where you can get it I think my why I believe my wife got this at Amazon is probably I think it’s under 100 bucks or maybe about a hundred bucks so if you like our gear reviews.