Garmin Approach X40 Black Friday

Garmin Approach X40 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Garmin Approach X40 Black Friday Deals

Get well that’s the fun part during a round you can use the measure shot function to see how far you hit a particular shot like that drive you crushed on number 12 you can also check distances for each previous detected shot during your round syncing your device with Garmin Connect also allows you to view the auto shot map the map shows the distance and location for each detected shot after it has been automatically uploaded for post round analysis so you can compare your stats with previous rounds and analyze your tendencies for example are you missing to the left or the right and by how much was it a hook or a draw another choice you need to make before teeing off is whether or not to turn on Club tracking which doesn’t turn on by default to turn it on go to the device settings screen and select Club tracking the first time you turn on club tracking your golf watch will ask you to enter your typical drive distance this information is used to predict what club you’re likely to use for each shot all you do is confirm the correct Club with Club tracking turned on after each shot your Garmin device will ask you to identify the club you just used the Garmin Connect app uses this information to calculate your average distance for each Club you can identify the club you used anytime before you hit your next shot for example on your way to your ball if you forget to enter a club for a shot don’t worry Club tracking marks the club for that shot as unknown you can correct the entry later when you’re reviewing the data on Garmin Connect when it comes to improving and fine-tuning your golf game there’s a lot you can do with auto shot technology in the Garmin approach X 40.

Garmin Approach X40 Black Friday


Garment approach X 40 GPS golf ban okay I got the black engraver I think I got the black and gray I’m not sure yet you can get it from Amazon it’s gonna hit you about 249 okay let me tell you what it does um let me zoom in here a little bit I don’t know if you can see that zoom in a little bit it has a GPS receiver high sensitivity GPS auto shot right round analyzer 24/7 heart rate monitoring active tracking reminds you to stay active on off the course that’s nice I didn’t know it did that that’s pretty cool battery life rechargeable battery five hour is up to five days in active mode and 10 hours in GPS mode okay so you get about a full day going so that’s what it looks like nice is on man so you can see with that this guy I’m playing golf tomorrow so I’m gonna be pretty darn excited to play with this tomorrow can’t wait I’m gonna get a full testing right now this is gonna be really the kind of unboxing kind of show you what it’s about so that’s what it does give you a whole you get to pick your clubs and stuff like that so I got to do a lot of research on this thing here and then this is what it looks like I guess it shows you the the actual golf course um yeah that’s gonna be interesting I can’t wait to play with this so that’s it right there now if your words are like that got the heart rate monitor okay so this way you get it from Amazon I did not get it from Amazon I got it from my local department store nebraska furniture markets what we have here it was 187 95 here they marked it down to ninety nine ninety five and they marked down to 79 85 i ended up getting it for 59.95 great deal and as i has it for 249 so I got it for 59.95 so that’s it right there they basically said it was the last one last one and they haven’t you know they just want to kind of get it out to get rid of it you know because this is the last one so I was like ok give it to me for 59.95 I’ll buy it right now make a deal willing deal I’m all about baby so let’s see what’s in here because I really don’t know what it is I have anything I just opened it now so you still got it in the package you know you get the usual books and stuff still silk clothes and then that’s the actual piece of tech right there as you see that that’s the tech right there it’s not Too big so I’m seeing see how this fits on my wrist what are you getting here so you get a charger look like oh it’s a special charger I hate special charges I thought it would be just a Fanta regular USB charger I do hate fancy chargers that’s fine that’s fine so I am a golfer I do play golf I’m not super good but you know I move the ball I play every week so getting better so this is the device I’m sure doesn’t work it’s kind of flimsy I don’t like the way this plastic works let me see him feel my wrist real quick I see what it feel like the plastic is really kind of flimsy it’s kind of real flimsy I don’t know if you can see that real good and then you got I hate the wait is this counter it doesn’t really scratch a little bit you know I got it like that just put it on my wrist real quick here let me see there I got Justin zoomed all the way out no I don’t have a zoomed The way out okay it’s doing all the way out normally I do this on my iPhone but I’m using my Sony camera that right now so let’s go here let’s put this thing this class is this this metal okay so man oh I thought it was plastic the claw I felt plasticky it’s pretty thick this is big it’s pretty thick band I want to check it real quick see how this not fit on my wrist I can’t get this thing on okay I like that if it’s well it’s really well okay okay this kind of comfortable kind of comfy on a wrist okay not too bad nothing else in the box just instructions a charger and that’s it that’s it let me see if this thing worse it’s gonna come on hold on ladies and gentlemen hope it comes on it does work what do I let me pull this off here to plastic okay it’s working touch screen well not this touch screen at night okay setups on Oh touch screen oh this is nice I did not know this was I didn’t I know this was touch screen oh wow oh wow yes it’s going through the motions right now hold on let me take this off so you can see it yeah I wish it was in color though setting time by GPS so I can’t focus there you go so that’s what he’s doing I didn’t I notice with such room oh no China find me.


I guess huh well let me get this set up ladies and gentlemen we get this set up and I’m gonna come back show you a little bit more and then tomorrow when I go out and try it on the golf course I’m gonna really get it set up and I can give you guys a full review on and review of this and let you know how this thing really works so I’ll see you back in a little bit and got the heart rate monitors here I got three little digital lights going on so I’m gonna check it out so I’ll let you know ladies and gentle I’ll be right back peace YouTube Facebook Twitter she got a DJ Bishop back with another video and right now I’m doing finishing up the video on the garment approach x40 okay I want to say I am really liking this watch I’m really digging this thing so um I went out got a game of golf in this thing is pretty sick it’s pretty sick and not only does it shows you how to you know how to play your golf game the tracking thing is always on you got the 3-band light right there that’s always working and actually learn how to work my camera a little bit too so I’m getting some good video right now so we should be always saying to stay in there focus here so right now you got the date you got the time at 6:16 Friday to Friday the 23rd of September okay then you can go up I did eleven eleven eleven thousand six hundred and fifty four steps today my goal was only 7,500 because I basically put in my weight my age and all that stuff’s because it is to help it’s a health tracker as well okay fitness tracker so it does let’s see what is this I don’t know what that is 49 weekly 150 I don’t know what that means I have to go back to that later and see what that is so I burned two thousand nine hundred seventy-one calories today that right I don’t think that’s right well it could because I did 750 golf and it said I did $750 actually I’m gonna show you the app the app is a little bit more accurate it kind of displays it oh I really don’t know where all the dysplasia and this thing plays music so if you put if I hit this it’ll start playing music from my iphone which I can show you right now oh I said it so explain it from my phone my phone is right here yeah that’s a little mix-up here right here just polish that okay that’s that and then it shows you some rising sunset that’s kind of cool now do you have the weather on here too but for something any note notifications notifications just sick it got a periscope Instagram some more periscope stuff on here what else it does have a Facebook I mean pretty much anything you get notifications from YouTube this thing will give it to you the only bad thing about this part is oh I’m getting a notification see right there face Facebook right there and then on my iPhone they got a same thing so there’s another Notification the only problem with notifications is you can’t you can’t answer them or like you get a text I give somebody to text you you can’t respond to it so I don’t like that you have the only thing that does to show you you can’t reply now it does show you oh man what feature that I love about this is when somebody’s calling has a voice it not voice but a call ID so I don’t have to look at my phone and then I can answer and deny the call so let’s say if I my bluetooth on I can see exactly who’s calling me and then I can just you know hit the little button it’s a little call button that will pop up and you can reject the call or answer call I think that’s pretty dope so has sleep sleep monitor on it a all kind of fitness stuff on it now see the weather the weather was working I don’t know why it’s not working earlier was working it was telling me the temperature and then it didn’t did an update or I reset the thing and now doesn’t want to work anymore some have to get into that and figure out what’s going on with that there’s your heart rate monitor on there it works pretty good that thing works all the time gives me accurate heart rate so let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this thing here so there’s your golfing there’s your exercise working like if you want to work out the gym or something like that and this is a do not disturb I think that’s what that means do not disturb that’s a timer that’s your Bluetooth setting and then phone phone with a question mark not sure what that does let’s look at that I think that’s just the volume of the phone or something like that I don’t know what that means whether it just do some to my phone maybe you can turn you I don’t know I thought I’ll come back to that because I don’t know what that just did it and then you have the percentage this is something with the clubs I haven’t really figured that out yet it wants me to connect to some kind of app I don’t have that so we can get to that later so let’s get to golfing so when you go I can try to tell you what it does let me get the app out because the app is kind of them kind of really good you download this app call connect right here so once you download with that look up oh oh that’s what the foaming sorry about that the phone is a when you hit that phone button it’s a find your phone feature okay so this is the app look how sick.


That is so this was whole this was host this was whole eight par-4 hole and it shows you everything I did that’s pretty dope so I hit from off the table and you can zoom in hold on can you zoom in on that nope you can’t zoom in on that it’s another map I could show you too so I hit off the tee box two hundred and ninety two hundred and nine yards and I went all the way to 158 I kind of went into trees I didn’t hit the fairway sorry you guys thinking how suck my game is so I didn’t hit the fairway I kind of any kind of dealing this down a little bit okay there we go because the thing is too bright so I went a hundred and fifty eight yards to the to the left for the fairway and then I hit again to the right of the fairway which you know I try to put it on the green but I overshot and then it went right and then right in front of the little sand trap and then I hit from there and I didn’t make the green with pitching wedge and it went over and it hit the a behind the green like right there behind the green so I end up doing a I forgot what I did on this whole part eight I think I did like a six or something like this so be 1 2 3 4 and then I putted it in and then I missed a putt and have to do another shot so I got a six on it par 4 so that’s what I average in golfing maybe two over sometime I tend out I mean it just depends I’m not a pro if I was a pro I wouldn’t be using this I’ll be on a professional golf course but anyway let’s just kind of go through this thing so that’s a whole whole seven kind of show you the same stuff so let me get out of this part here let’s get my phone is going to die my camera is about to die in a minute here so if you can look at this right here this is all oh man this thing what is going on here wait down dim it down a little bit so don’t look so hold on folks don’t figure this out in a minute okay hold on let me see here okay there you go part three ah shoot somebody’s caught them anyway there’s oh so par four four shots it’s just kind of go through this this this wasn’t accurate because I didn’t really figure out how to do it until later on I got a yeah this is not accurate but anyway that’s the UH that’s all that and then this one right here shows eight holes I didn’t even cover the nine hole because it screwed up and did something weird I got 49 strokes I got a plus 18 score I got one PAR one bogey and six but uh double bogey so that sounds about right no Eagles no birdies okay second thing is man my Phone is blowing up and I can’t turn it off because then I can’t show you that so it shows you my weekly goals of intense minutes so I think there’s some kind of fitness thing here okay and then this one is my weight 225 pounds you follow me on my Nutrisystem blog you’ll see what I’m doing on that so that’s kind of cool and then cycling no cycling no swimming this thing must be waterproof too because if it’s saying I can swim with it on it must be waterproof I’ll check that out so you got running and then you got a sleep we haven’t got today at try that tonight so this is my step saying I did 11,000 steps did in this one right here I passed my goal I burn a thousand 1,400 calories I need to burn 22 2001 that means I guess I got 2,000 calories remaining to burn intense minute I consume 1,300 calories of food and I did one activity today okay that’s kind of cool so if we go to the Gulf and I want to show you that better hold on let me see if I could find that that one thing uh whatever is that worth it so you could download golf course right here you could you could download all kind of golf courses I’m trying to look at the course I don’t know how to find it hold on a second ladies and gentlemen my phone is blowing up people is calling me hold on let me find that let me find that before my phone died because my phone is gonna die in a minute I’ll hear some more stuff here yeah this is kind of cool right here so it shows you yeah so powerful I got a six that part three I got a 5/5 so it gives you a whole score right there now it gives me a bird eye view of walking too which is trying to find that where is that where is that where is that walking thing that where is it at where that steps maybe it’s on this one hold on wanted to show you guys that and it was pretty dope too if I can’t find it my phone will stop freaking ringing uh hold on a second here let me find it mmm I can’t find it I can’t find it but it’s a really cool thing on here where I show how I walked the whole golf course I don’t know sad where’s it at it was under snapshots I see what was it at hold on a second here just oh I can’t like I better find it people I’m not gonna be able to find.


It but it was definitely somewhere under snapshot where I looked at it and I was looking at the whole golf course deal um and I can’t find it that is really ticking me off because I can’t find this thing and I don’t know where to look for that I was looking at it the other day I mean earlier today at lunch when I was eating and I just can’t figure out what the heck it was that oh was it there whoops that’s not there activity status steps huh it’s not there oh where is it at where is it at score card status oh I really hate you I can’t show you this thing here okay yeah I’m not gonna better find it but it showed me a map and I just can’t figure out where the heck is that it was a map and it show everything I did walked around the whole golf course that was kind of cool that was really cool maybe this is it that’s not it so anyway let me wrap this up because I gotta answer this call cuz somebody’s blowing my phone up they won’t stop calling me but anyway I’m gonna give this thing a five all day that’s a five star rating you know five out of zero and that that thing is a five star rating it is a very good device it’s a very good device so if I got it for what’s happening here I got it for uh $59 yeah so I got it for $59 and this thing is roughly $250 so I got a very good deal on this thing I’m not mad about it at all this is a very good device I was comparing it to my my homeboy he has that Microsoft he has a Microsoft ban and you know he was you know comparing his two minds but I think this thing is way better if this camera will just stay focused on it but it won’t his camera is having his issues right now and I was focused now all of a sudden it I wasn’t on the there we go geez know what’s going on with this camera but anyway this is it get yourself one if you can get this thing for cheap anywhere only thing I don’t like about it is not color that’s the only problem with the Microsoft band compared to this is color and he can reply to message and notifications and stuff you can’t reply to notification as a message you can’t answer it like a cell phone it doesn’t have any speakers and anything on it so all it does is give you a lot of data but the thing is is it was for golf I mean if your golf person grabbed this immediately because it makes a whole lot of sense and I found out later I watched the video on YouTube it will actually measure your stroke so when you start off you tell it you’re using a driver how many yards you can hit on a driver then after you hit the ball you walk.