Electric Go Kart Black friday

Electric Go Kart Black Friday Deals 2021

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Electric Go Kart Black Friday Deals

We’re going to be reviewing this i’m going to test ride it views out of it and then at the end give you my final thoughts segway ninebot recently announced the go-kart pro which is a beefed up version of the original go-kart kit that i had tested out at their launch event a couple years ago the major difference is that it’s powered by the s-max and if you’re wondering if you can just upgrade your old go-kart kit with the s-max you can and that’s because the exterior is nearly identical but inside the s-max is where the major changes have been made the battery is larger with a range of up to 15 miles the electronics have better cooling and they doubled the power of the motors this means it can spin the 10-inch tires harder and faster with top speeds of up to 23 miles per hour they also have the option of switching out the tire to slicks which are better for drifting on the outside they changed the color in metal gray added a speaker changed the front bumper design and added the seat belt just like before along the right side there’s a hand brake that if you pull will lock both rear wheels and activate drifting there’s a steering wheel to control the direction and just below there’s a gas pedal on the right and a brake on the left they’ve also included a 120 watt charger that can fully recharge the go kart in about four hours the main benefit i see for going electric is that it’s a simpler design there’s less moving parts to break and it’s going to be cheaper and easier to maintain 

Electric Go Kart Black friday


Now i should also mention that segway did send me this wheel to review which i’m going to do i’m in track mode right now so that means when i’m on the street i’m really low to the ground and it’s hard to see over the cars and also it’s probably hard for them to see me so you should not drive on the street but i’m doing this for educational purposes whoa jesus christ this thing is way more powerful than i would have expected and it’s like going uphill right now without a problem so oh like the way the s-max rides i would not have expected this thing to be so accelerating yeah around turns really fun to slide around it’s actually really punchy i am really impressed with this so the idea of we’re drifting is you want to break the traction that you have and switch to kinetic expression right away so using the brake pedal is not nearly as effective as the hand brake the brake is only when i want to stop i’m gonna get in i’m going to hilton see if there’s anything oh nice bumpy road oh yeah oh oh can i do this oh yeah i just said this but for a dramatic effect can i ride this thing and show my wife.


How silly this go guard is yes go turn it on oh my god yeah sure i don’t see why not this is probably a bad idea probably be slow don’t kill that child then we have one last child to raise how tall are you six two what do you think of the sizing uh i wish it was a little longer okay all right well i just paired the audio with the speaker oh i’m turning it off assembling the go-kart was fairly straightforward first you take the s-max and attach the go-kart adapter cable mount the base plate and place the go-kart kit on top then secure it with velcro attach the spoiler oh add the speakers add some batteries adjust the length of the frame and the height of the steering wheel and turn it on whoa it works let me have two more minutes here we go we gotta go two more minutes we just got this thing working and uh it’s in track mode it’s way faster now what okay all right you don’t want to ever revert it makes it all very boring what do you think if i was a kid and i had this yeah it really is super fun fun as far as electric go-karts go this is like a great budget one i think this has a lot of power and a lot of fun for the price you get if you just wrote the s max you would think that this thing would be not any stronger than the previous Generation when i first started riding this thing it was just way more powerful than i thought it was going to be because even


when i wrote the go-kart the original one i thought it was more powerful than i expected and the s-max version takes it to the next level where i thought it was even more powerful than i expected again so congratulations tonight but when you do a power slide you pretty much want to use the hand brake because that abruptly shots the wheel and causes the drifting motion but if you use the brake it kind of like it’s a little bit more smooshy so therefore it doesn’t actuate the drifting it’s really easy to drive this thing they say it’s uh for 14 years old and older but i i feel like you could probably go a little bit younger than that you should probably wear a helmet you should probably wear some other things i didn’t i mean yeah but i would encourage helmet use turning is great i like to be able to turn it’s just like very comfortable now if you tap the brake twice before you actually come to a complete stop it doesn’t actually go into reverse which has resulted in a couple of crashes ah and it’s a little frustrating i wish there was like a button or it would just it would be smarter about that if you’re taller than me you might find the the sizing a little bit small i’m like at the edge of where i think it’s comfortable my fingers graze against my thighs as i turn which is fine because it doesn’t actually interfere i think 510 is probably the limit where you’re fairly comfortable and then above that you might be a little bit more crammed the cobblestone is not friendly cobblestone is really bumpy and the seat pretty much sends all the vibrations up your ass this is best on smooth roads what would i change in this thing somehow i would change the braking to make it a little bit more smooth i wish you could kind of feather it to slow it down a little bit but when i hit the brake it just kind of it just kicks the battery life is not as good as you’d want it to be i kind of wish that there was a an external battery pack okay hello all right they’re kicking me out.