Canon Powershot Sx620 Black Friday Deals

Canon Powershot Sx620 Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

In this post i am going to share all Canon Powershot Sx620 Friday Deals & all Canon Powershot Sx620 Cyber Monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Canon Powershot Sx620 Black Friday Deals

Today I’m looking at the canon sx60 HS compact zoom camera the SX 620 is currently available in three colors the beautiful red I have today black and silver I’ll leave links to all three colors right below the video the Canon Powershot Sx620 comes with a built-in 25 X zoom lens on the front and I’ll show you the zoom test in a minute what’s nice about the zoom lens is that it neatly retracts into the body making the SX 620 a very compact camera to carry around it measures in at a little under 4 inches in length by about two and a half inches tall by about an inch deep a nice compact unit to carry around when you travel the body is made from plastic but has a nice sturdy construction to it I also like how the camera handles while the grip isn’t deep it’s very comfortable to hold and use as with other Canon point-and-shoots it has its on/off button and shutter button surrounded by the zoom toggle on the top surface that surface also neatly hides a pop-up flash which can come in very handy for shots in low light conditions the buttons on the rear face are also very neatly arranged and intuitive to use the cameras main interface and viewfinder is it’s 3-inch LCD screen.

Canon Powershot Sx620 Black Friday Deals


Which is really sharp and bright even outdoors the only thing I’m not a big fan of is that the screen doesn’t flip over for vlogs and selfies so don’t expect this to be a first vlogging camera however I do like canons simple clean design of the menu and options definitely a pleasure to use the SX 620 is powered by a Canon and B 13 L battery which lives in this compartment on the bottom with its SD card very pleasantly Canon also includes a standalone battery charger unlike other manufacturers who usually only include a charge cable this allows you to swap batteries out while you’re depleted battery recharges and when it comes to SD cards I recommend using at least a class 10 SD card if you plan to record Full HD video I’ll leave a link to one I recommend right below this video the right-hand face also has a micro USB port to connect the camera to a computer and a micro HDMI connector in case you need to connect it to a monitor or TV Canon also provides a lanyard which makes it easy to carry around the 620 also has a quarter twenty tripod thread in case you need to ever mount it to a travel tripod like this one I’ll leave a link to this cool Joby travel tripod below the video in case you need one.


When it comes to photos the camera shoots images is largest 20 megapixels and stores them in the JPEG format I’m going to test the camera in the fully automatic mode just so beginners can get a sense of what their photos will look like and as you can see the pictures it takes a actually pretty impressive as with most Canon cameras the colors are very pleasing and natural and the images are sharp and well exposed the question most camera buyers these days have is will it shoot better pictures than my phone I tested it against my iPhone 7 and I have to say that the Canon starts off with a megapixel advantage shooting images with 20 megapixels versus the iPhones 12 I also found the images on the Canon to be more pleasing than my iPhone and I seem to like the pictures from my Canon more it didn’t disappoint when it came to the low-light either the pictures it took were pretty impressive for a camera its size when it comes to video it can shoot Full HD video at 30fps and as with pictures it produced really pleasing video as you can see here the 25 X zoom also helps in capturing subjects you wouldn’t have been able to get close to like the bird in the shot and just to show you the zoom capabilities of this camera I’m going to zoom out of the shot so you can see how far away.


I really was from these two birds the image stabilization was also pretty decent for a camera at this price it kept the shot reasonably sharp even when zoomed in all the way the SX 620 is also Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect it to your phone or tablet using the Canon camera connect app and unlike several cameras I’ve tested in the past the app works almost flawlessly and lets you view and transfer pictures and even control the camera remotely a very useful feature if you plan to quickly post your travel pictures on Facebook or any other social media site so what do I think about the canon sx60 HS I have to admit I went into this review thinking who needs a point-and-shoot camera these days and I have to say that its performance and features really changed my mind the little cannons 25 X zoom lens and superb picture quality keep it a cut above any smartphone and thanks to its extremely compact size it’s also really convenient to carry when you travel so I definitely recommend the canon sx60 HS as a travel camera or even as a casual shooter