Canon Powershot Sx530 Hs Black Friday Deals

Canon Powershot Sx530 Hs Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

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Canon Powershot Sx530 Hs Black Friday Deals

The canon sx40 HS power shot and this is a bridge camera and we are here downtown Chicago at the beam and this is the Canon Powershot Sx530 Hs camera that I use for YouTube and today what we’re going to do is we’re going to take some samples of this baby zooming in and out and I is a 50x optical zoom full HD and it does have a really nice video quality as well and now we’re gonna do the review soon but for this video we’re just gonna take a look at some of the camera samples and video samples as well as well as see how the optical image stabilization is but it does have a lot of manual controls we’ll get into more of that in the full review so if you guys want to see that stick around for this video let’s check this camera out right now let’s go alright guys we’re gonna kind of just see how far we can get on this motorola sign on this building let’s go in 100x right here and I’m zooming in actually doesn’t lean look like we need to go on index or you could see we’re out of focus and it doesn’t look like we can focus with the the button here on the movie mode so you might have to go into manual won’t do that so you can see that focusing can go out of whack sometimes so just make sure that you get your focus points right on this camera for you but it’s not the absolute best focusing camera I’ve ever seen but it’s really good overall so there we go on that side alright guys so this is kind of a look at what you’re gonna get in the daytime on a green plant.

Canon Powershot Sx530 Hs Black Friday Deals

Right here I don’t know the plant name I’m not a planetarium or a planet guy or a plant guy whatever you want to say but here is kind of what you’re going to expect on the green of the canon sx v 30 HS let’s go up a little bit more green we already showed bushes earlier let’s zoom back out here and look at the this sculpture right here and you can see that when Sun is beaming on things it does it’s a little hard to pick up but if you get in the focus point you can still get a pretty nice shot there and this is all going to be video samples but it does work pretty well we’re all alright guys here is another shot of the canon sx v 30 inches and the reason i’m doing this is because of the way the train is around really far away in the buildings it’s a good way to see the kind of possibilities and out of this campaign you can see that bus is not really close to me at all that bus is really far away as you can see sharing it let me pull back out you can see the train tracks right there there’s no train there you can see the building is in the architecture which is pretty awesome here for your Canon misse-x 530 HS alright guys here’s some dandelions or flowers I don’t know the exact name I’m not a flower guy but I can show you some camera stuff and you can see the wind is blowing the flowers but here is another test video of the canons HD quality this is a


Macro really up close and you can see the level of detail that you’re going to get on this camera right here this is three point four zoom I’m gonna back out and bring the lens right up on the flower itself to show you what you can get with no zoom right there alright guys we’re on a Chicago River I’m gonna try to zoom in to that Lowe’s building up there so you guys can get a little more you know zoomed test it see very sharp and clear now I know I keep doing these zoom tests but I know this is a huge factor in buying this camera so that is exactly why I’m doing it now there are going on a river tour here I’m not going to be a creep and go all the way on these peoples faces what you can see you see them pretty good there now let’s turn over then look at this drum tower over here on this side and you can see that is across the street so it’s not very far but you can see I get right up in there and I don’t know how you feel about Donald Trump but this video is not about here but the architecture looks pretty nice there you go and


You can see the statue right here that is in actually 14 X zoom you can see the focus points look solid overall all right guys now we’re taking a look at the optical image stabilization walking down these stairs here we’re still by the Chicago River but I just want to give you a little example of how the camera performs going down stairs such as these now these aren’t very steep stairs but they are stairs nonetheless and you can see the shots are staying very very stable as I continue along this little journey down these stairs right here that’s pretty much the optical image stabilization going down the stairs now alright guys here’s another shot looking at some text we’re gonna zoom in once again seeing how it can pick up text overall on a nice sunny day and you can see there’s a little bit of noise but nothing that you’re really gonna notice too heavily into deeply and let’s go over here and look and see what we can get on this shot right here so let’s zoom all the way back out you can see we start on the Chicago River and we’ll be back with some more shots here shortly alright guys we’re in a candy store you could see how the cannon picks up color on the indoors color your world you can see some saturations not the most saturated shot you’re gonna get but it’s pretty good nonetheless alright guys we’re just gonna do another quick zoom here here is the water tower place the Sun is a little bit clearer now there’s less.


Clouds in the site and sky water player tower place water town place Chicago Illinois going up you can see the John Hancock building and let’s see the needles let’s see how much detail we can get on the needles up there let me pause the zoom right there and that is 18x right there as you can see alright guys so that pretty much wraps this review up this little like test sample of the canon v sx 530 HS we did some video samples as well as some photo samples and i should give you a good idea of what you can expect from this 50x zoom optical bridge camera.