Canon Powershot G7 X Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

Canon Powershot G7 X Black Friday Deals
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In this post i am going to share all Canon Powershot G7 X Friday Deals & all Canon Powershot G7 X Cyber Monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Canon Powershot G7 X Black Friday Deals

This is Lisa from mobile tech review and it’s camera review time this time we’re going to look at a canon camera that came out just a couple of months ago but it’s really hitting the big box stores now and it’s the smallest one here this is for those of you who are looking for something compact size point-and-shoot size but with more capabilities this competes with the Sony rx100 arch 100 mala 3 particularly but it brings a couple of neat features to the table like a rear touch screen you can use it for focusing and for just operating the camera in general and it has a longer zoom lens just as fast as the latest Sony camera but long or zoom we’re going to look at it now so this is the powershot g7x now Canon has a history with their powershot G Series cameras being a little higher and you got the metal body you got more manual features on there and their small F eyeing it much smaller than even the g1 X or g1 X Mark to a more modern sensor as well what is it used for a sensor inside that’s what’s really interesting and exciting you’re using the same 20 megapixel one inch Sony sensor as the rx100 Mark 2 and Mark 3 so you’ve got a backside illuminated sensor one of the best on the market if you’re looking at one inch sensors pretty neat and look at the size difference here we have the very capable and enthusiast oriented panasonic lumix lx7 and it looks kind of well big next to our friend right here net right and here’s a one of the most compact full-frame digital SLRs as a Canon EOS 6d to give you an idea and we’ll show you what it looks like next to the sony x a 6000 because a lot of you are thinking about maybe an interchangeable lens camera as well and you can see the big difference isn’t so much well the body all the iaa 6000 and the photo we’re going to splice in but the lenses once you start putting especially faster.

Canon Powershot G7 X Black Friday Deals

Lenses on that approximate the very fast lens on the Canon you’re talking about another big thing to carry around so for those who want to travel small this is for you so here it is it fits in the palm of my hand very easily and I have just about man-sized hands very long fingers so that that gets into the challenge with these ultra compact cameras is if you’ve got pretty large sized hands you might actually find it a little difficult to operate the texture is less slippery than the Sony rx100 series there’s go a little but you can see the texture to it it’s made of metal feels more solid – it’s a little bit of a chunk of metal ten point seven ounces but there’s no real grip here per se there’s a place to put your fingers but there’s no grip point looking right at the front right here the star of the show or one of the stars of the show has got to be this lens one of the drawbacks to the rx 103 is the zoom lens got shortened it got faster matches the F one point eight to two point eight as its head telephoto and it’s going to get a little bit slower that lens but it keeps the 24 to 100 millimeter zoom range so for those of you who are portrait types or want to get a little bit more isolation from your background when shooting portraits is something like that great for portraits just at having a 90 millimeter to 100 millimeter and you get that better background separation can make a real difference it can be a deal-breaker if that’s the kind of thing.


That you shoot obviously it has the usual kind of pedal lens cover right here automatically opens up and you turn the camera on no lens cap to lose it looks pretty effective to me I’m not too worried about a lot of schmutz getting on that lens it is a pocketable camera however and that’s the funny thing about these teeny little pocket cameras they’re attractive because you say hey well I can put it in my pocket but then some of us are pretty much gear nerds and we worry about what else is in our pockets with the camera and all the lint and dust bunnies and stuff like that that’s up to you of course you can always put a little case and it’s still pretty pocketable because it’s small they figure you’re going to use a hand strap so we have a hand strap attachment over here no dual lugs for a hanging on your neck kind of arrangement it would look kind of silly honestly if you did them flash pops up right there with the lever and that is the flash up here is a built-in flash let’s turn it on so we can deploy that flash now you you can’t actually tilt this guy back that’s that’s the only bad thing if you want to do a bounce flash it is either up or it is down there is no bouncing bummer on the side here we have the little Wi-Fi symbol this does have Wi-Fi with NFC to help pairing with your phone works with iOS and Android phones it’s a little bit tedious to get it set up and it’s a pretty basic application it you can transfer your photos and your videos to your smart phone but in terms of having a lot of control using remote control on the phone not so much really Sony and Panasonic are kind of kicking booty there when it comes to doing that push the flash down you know it feels more solid compared to the Sony rx100 that feels very very delicate that’s one thing about


Them and voila we have a touchscreen back here so you can do touch to focus nothing to focus on right now but really handy feature for all those times when the camera really doesn’t get exactly what point you want to have in focus also useful in terms of depth of field because you’ve got something that has a pretty wide lens so you can make sure that you’ve got your bokeh where you want and you’ve got your sharpness where you want it’s a very solid single hinge mount point right there it’s not the 2-way scissor though so you can go up all the way to selfie mode like so right there so you but you can’t tilt it the other way so if you want to hold it over your head at a concert and tilt the screen down you cannot do that still the fact that it is touchscreen and it’s a very nice the usual 1 million dot view finder screen it’s pretty visible outdoors it’s not bad one thing it doesn’t have is an electronic viewfinder any kind of viewfinder whatsoever other than your 3-inch LCD right here so if the light is really bright or if you just used to framing your shots by putting your eye to the viewfinder you can’t do it here a little concession to make it a little easier to hold we’ve got this little sculpted thumb piece right here so you’ve got


something to hold on to and you’re shooting pretty much standard controls right here we’ve got our four-way controlling we’ve got function set we’ve got menu we’ve got video playback you can change the ring and function around the lens which is nice you can go the default or you can switch it to a variety of useful things switch to manual focus just by touching over there manual focus on this is however kind of a torture you can either assign the dial on the ring to do it but listen to this it’s a very stiff ratchety click now we might complain about Sony for having absolutely no clicks because they’re making it very friendly for video as well but this is the stiffest quickest thing in the world it’s not bad when you’re doing stepped zoom and it can make some sense there and when you’re doing your aperture boy you really know that you’re switching to a different aperture but it’s not much fun so you can also use the up/down buttons here if you want to do manual focus I neither way am I too thrilled so it’s a good thing it has thirty-one point autofocus use contrast detection I find it pretty quick now some people have said well it’s kind of slow I’ve not had any problem with that I have not had the yellow box of doom that says it can’t focus unless I’m trying to focus a macro shot to close when you’re in telephoto mode with this guy which is where I like to take a lot of macro shots unfortunately for the background separation many people do you really can’t get terribly close when you’re focusing I mean you have to be about a foot and a half away for it reliably work this side right here we have our AV connections we have micro HDMI out and that is just for play back to your TV it doesn’t do any live feed out to a monitor where you’re recording there is no microphone jack there is no headphone jack we are still talking compact camera not something more professional there and we have the usual micro USB connection so you can hook it up to your camera for data transfer software upgrades that sort of thing on the bottom we have our metal tripod mount notice it’s pretty close to the door for the battery card and the SD card side that will probably annoy some of you who use a tripod honestly with cameras this small that gets to be a very difficult proposition where you’re going to fit all those things so SD card right there battery here not a very big battery you can of course buy spares and happily it comes with a charger in the box you don’t just get a USB cable to USB charge it which generally speaking is a lot slower than using this charger here this way if you have multiple batteries it’s easy to charge up a spare while you have one on the camera I much prefer this than having to go out and buy it separately like Sony makes you do lately anyway compact cameras whether it’s the rx100 mark 3 or this guy right here battery life is SuperDuper now the official ratings are pretty demanding for these things including using the flash for every other shot and all sorts of things people may not do realistically speaking I find that I get about 400 shots from this and that’s using flash at most 25% of the time because honestly that fat that backside illuminated sensor and the fast lens just mean I really don’t need the flash that often up top

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark Iii Black Friday Get The Latest Deals

You’ll see a nice selection of controls there’s our on/off button this is our take a shot button and this is the zoom function right here again you can assign the ring on the lens to handle so if that feels more natural to you I know I’m more used to that as a camera traditionalist and you’ve got your usual PASM modes up here you’ve got canons auto mode you can shoot in JPEG and you can shoot in RAW here’s the one got you though if you if you like canons auto mode it only shoots in JPEG in auto mode hmm so you got to put in program mode if you want to shoot raw plus JPEG are just raw it kind of irks me a little bit you can shoot video if you want just in auto mode right here or you can actually go to the dedicated video selection it shoots the usual 1080p at 60 frames per second using the AVC HD codec it’s a pretty good bit right there it’s 33 megabit per second still not as good as the sony for those of you who are really into higher format it has a 50 mega verse ii x AVC – as codec on the sony but you know what if you’re talking about something that is a point-and-shoot travel camera without any audio inputs or anything like that how important that is that honest-to-goodness you know it’s once up to you one other

Thing we have right here is Eevee compensation right on a dial plus three minus three and one-third increments the bad news is is this is also really very stiff so you want to use this one-handed and you know I’m a pretty good grip there it’s kind of hard to do anyway let’s take a look at focusing speeds and this isn’t the world’s easiest thing we got a little black box on white right there focus feeds are pretty good I’m shooting raw plus JPEG right now the file save times are a little bit slow there I would say compared to just shooting a JPEG so say I throw my hand in and pretty close it’s going to want to pick up on my hand hello and so that can be kind of tricky so that’s when you want to use something like tap to focus huh if you can juggle all this around without a hand grip there we go so you get the idea performance is not that bad navigating the menus we have the usual two separate set here we have the basic menu settings there right here you can also use touch to do that face detection touch to autofocus touch the shoot things like that all normal and then you have your quick function settings here now since we are at automatic there is not too many options here you have all the usual aspect ratios you’ve got three by two four by three one two one sixteen by nine resolution that you’re choosing resolution for your photos timer things like that so pretty easy stuff there how about if you’re taking a video and you want to use the touchscreen to hold focus from one item to another so now I’ve focused on that and what if I want to pull focus over to here and there you go so this is a dream for shooting video I have to say it’s much easier than using little dial buttons or anything else wherever you want to move focus to you’ve got it you can do it with this so there’s actually some pretty darn cool features on the camera that I like particularly and you can see from the sample images that we’re going to show you in just a minute you can actually get some good depth of field some fairly thin depth of field by a camera of this size standards you know I mean this is a teeny camera but you’re still talking a fairly fast lens and then you get into the argument okay it’s it’s F 1.8 at the wide and it keeps the aperture fairly open till about 50 millimeters more open than it does on the Sony rx100 3-ethyl to 1.8 is still F 1.8 granted you have a smaller sensor it doesn’t gather as much light but when it comes to things like being able to set the bokeh on or all that sort of thing it’s still f-18 is f-18 the way it works so you can get some background separation they’re not like you’re going to get in a full-frame sensor or even some of the aps-c sensor on

The sony a6000 but enough to get a little bit more sophisticated looking shot something it doesn’t look like you took it with your old point-and-shoot camera that sort of thing the reach on the lens is really nice and fantastic I mean you’ve got digital zoom here but who wants to use a bit being able to go out to a hundred millimetres pretty sweet on it’s a touchscreen with autofocus also really very nice on this so those are the things that I like about the camera I also like that it’s built like a little baby tank it’s really really nice the clicky wheel I actually like what I’m doing so like setting aperture priority or shutter speed not so much for for zooming step zooming even and for manual focus not my favorite thing right there you everybody okay you’re being so still I never saw still let’s see how the stabilization works so I have to say it has some things going for it compared to the rx 103 now the rx100 – you’ve got the same zoom length there but you’ve got much slower at the telephoto and really hard to get much any depth of field effects then depth of field on the rx100 – I know I’m shot with it I’ve used it I like it but that is what it is thing is you don’t get here that may be important important to you though no electronic viewfinder and obviously no hot shoot which the rx100 – had not the arch 103 and we’ll be looking at that panasonic lumix lx7 – which adds a whole lot of those features but it makes the camera a little bit bigger so who is this for those of you who really want a camera that can functional in manual mode if you need but have the feel of a point-and-shoot and the and the portability of that if you’re looking for more photographers features you’re an advanced photographer probably something like the Lumix LX 100 is going to be for you or the Fuji X 144 and now you know what the difference is between this and the Sony rx100 mar 3 and some of the really good features your offers so that’s the canon powershot g7x it’s available now and again if you’re looking for something really small in that rx100 mark.

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