Canon Eos Rebel T6i Black Friday Deals

Canon Eos Rebel T6i Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

In this post i am going to share all Canon Eos Rebel T6i Friday Deals & all Canon Eos Rebel T6i Cyber Monday deals. You are gonna get every type of deals.

Canon Eos Rebel T6i Black Friday Deals

What’s going on everybody my name is ethan jenders and today we’re going to be talking about the canon t6i let’s get right into it so my experience with the camera started my junior year of high school i took a photography class and we used a canon t7i which is just one step above the Canon Eos Rebel T6i but they’re basically kind of the same thing so i used that camera for junior year and senior photography and videography classes and then in 2021 i got this camera and ever since then i’ve been using this so let’s talk about it from a photography point of view first a lot of canon cameras and including this one are built for photography so this camera is mainly used for photography which is actually pretty cool i’ve gotten some really cool pictures with this camera and it’s really good because it has all the modes you need right on this dial up top it’s got manual automatic landscape portrait motion all that different kinds of stuff this camera is just kind of all around a really good camera for photography but i’d say it’s only really good if you’re starting out if you’re pretty deep into photography and know what you’re doing i would go for a better and bigger kind of more expensive camera and something that’s nicer and can handle photography really really well compared to just one that handles it really well you know but for people first starting out this camera is actually really good it’s super easy to learn it’s a great starter camera and honestly for me the only really confusing thing at first was everything that was on the menu.

Canon Eos Rebel T6i Black Friday Deals

Canon Eos Rebel T6i There is a lot of different things inside that menu setting that i was like whoa what’s all this mean but once you kind of learn all of it and get to know what it does it’s actually fairly simple to learn i would highly recommend this to anybody who is first starting on photography and kind of just getting the feel for it and learning first hand um you could also do the canon t7i that’s also a great camera it’s a step above this one so it’s a little bit more expensive but i’ll put the links to the prices in the info below one of my favorite things about this camera is when you’re in manual mode it has very easy control and it’s very easy to tell what your settings are and what kind of shot you’re going to get before you even take the shot so now moving on from photography i’m going to talk about the videography side of it so for me i mainly use it for videography because that’s what i like to do but also i’ll use it a lot for photography yes it does take videos and yes it does do good with videos but my biggest struggle with it has just been.


Canon Eos Rebel T6i weight of it and it’s kind of a bigger camera to be taking videos with mainly because it’s harder handheld but also it’s it’s good on tripods it’s just kind of more difficult handheld i know for me i’ve tried shooting a couple intros and stuff and i’ve held it out like this in front of me and within like 10 seconds of the video my arm’s already tired and the camera is shaking it’s just a bad shot another experience i had was when i went to wisconsin and i shot a video during that i was hiking and i had my camera around my neck with my strap and it was sitting here the whole time i was hiking it was just swinging back and forth just hitting into my stomach and it was just really annoying because then i started to have to hike like this holding my camera because it was just it was just moving everywhere and it’s so big and kind of just bulky on your chest you know besides that it’s still a great starter camera for videos um but i would honestly recommend something other than canon because a lot of canon cameras aren’t really geared towards videography they’re geared more towards photography um but this was just a camera that.


I knew and that i loved and so that’s why i ended up getting this one first hand but right now i would love to upgrade to something different and something that is definitely built for videography you know one of my favorite features that really helps with videography is the flip screen so on the back there’s a screen so you can see everything going on and it’s honestly such a luxury to be able to flip it out like so i can flip it out like this have it facing forward and so then all the everything’s facing that way but then let’s say i want to take a low down shot to the ground i can take this and flip it up and so then as you can see when i’m looking down at the camera i can still see the shot that i’m getting and i’m still able to tell when i’m taking a video of this flip out screen has honestly been really helpful for me and super awesome to have and it’s just been really good to be able to have a camera that has a flip out screen because honestly a lot of them don’t and it’s really helpful to be able to do that so if you’re just starting out with it and want to use it for videography um sure go right ahead and do it i’ve been using it since for like i’ve been using it for a couple years to make videos and i really haven’t had any problems with it except i’ve learned to not bump the iso over i wouldn’t even put it over 800 because once you get into that 1600 3200 mark then you get a lot of film grain and so just a lot of unwanted grain within your shot.


That just kind of kills it and makes it look a little bit unprofessional you know and so that’s really my only complaint with it other than it being kind of heavy and bulky but that’s also something that you can get past and still use perfectly for videography along with that while you have it in the video mode it’s also really easy to tell what you’re doing because you can see right on the screen the shot that you’re taking and so as you’re adjusting your settings you’re able to see the light that comes in and leaves the shot and all that kinds of stuff as you’re changing the settings compared to when you’re taking a picture with it you can’t really see that right away until you take it unless you know how to read the little meter within the viewfinder you know personally i’d recommend it for photography for people starting out on the videography side yes it does work but there’s also a couple flaws and a couple things that i don’t really like but i still am able to get past those and still make good videos and do what i love to do so if you want the prices for this camera and also the t7i i will put those in the link below i also try and find the thing that i got because i ordered a package off of amazon that came with a tripod filters um sd cards and a bunch of different stuff like that so i’ll see if that’s still available.