Canon Eos Rebel T6 Black Friday

Canon Eos Rebel T6 Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

What’s going on everybody welcome back to supreme tech today i’m going to show you the canon t6 and we’re going to go over it we’re going to break it down and this video is more for people that are looking to buy this maybe they’re going to get the adjust the camera maybe they’re gonna get the camera in another lens um maybe they’re gonna get this whole pack here it’s got the case two lenses uh the camera the body and some other stuff battery in there and stuff so maybe you’re going to get one of those and you want to decide if you want to spend the money on it or not so if you’re in the market for a canon rebel t6 make sure to stick around to the end of the video so you know exactly what you’re about to buy and see if it works out for you but before we get into it guys if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the channel turn on and post notifications and smash that like button really helps us out and let’s get right into the video all right guys so the first thing we’re gonna go over with this camera i’m just gonna go through some of the specs like the megapixels the sensor the iso and some other stuff so we’re gonna go through that and then after we go through that i’m gonna put up some pictures of uh comparison between this and the camera that i’m shooting on right now which is gonna be the canon m50 and also be looking out for uh another review coming on the canon m50 i’m gonna be making that pretty soon so check that out.

I guarantee you that the canon m50 is probably gonna be what most of you guys are looking for especially if you’re looking for like youtube videos and stuff like that so with that said let’s get right into this canon rebel t6 now i got this one with this package it’s called the canon eos rebel t6 premium kit and in this kit as you can see here it comes with the case it comes with your 18 to 55 lens this is also called the kit lens for this camera and then you got this 75 to 300 zoom lens um this is okay.

Canon Eos Rebel T6 Black Friday Deals

I mean you get all the way up to 300 but it’s not bad especially for the price the price is about 550 to 650 depending on where you get it that’s for the kit that’s for the premium kit with the lens you get a battery charger too so like i said 550 to 650 depending on where you’re at but that’s about the average price um i’ll put up a couple more prices up here now for like the body only and some other stuff maybe there’s some deals on amazon i’ll check into after this okay now for the rebel t6 this is gonna have 18 megapixels okay it’s not that much like the m50 i think has what 24 or something like that this has 18 but honestly with the pictures that i took with this camera as long as it’s not in low light you’re going to be fine it’s got some great picture quality so you got the 18 megapixels you also got a cmos aps-c sensor that’s like standard for a lot of dslrs but that’s what it is it’s called the cmos aspc sensor right now the processor is kind of out of date especially it’s a digit 4 processor so it’s not that great when you’re taking pictures it’s going to take a little while longer to process them um like the canon m50 has got a digi 8 processor so i keep using m50 for comparison but that’s.


Because i own both of the two cameras and the m50 is also kind of around this price range and they’re surprisingly close like i said in price but the canon m50 has a lot different things that this camera does not so if you got about 600 bucks and you’re looking for either a camera with two lenses that’s gonna be your big choice camera with two lenses and um a case and stuff like that you’re gonna get some extra stuff with this premium kit or you can go ahead and spend like six 650 and get the canon m50 with the kit lens that goes with it and it’s gonna be amazing if you’re trying to do video or pictures right this one here the t6 doesn’t really do video good at all it does not have auto focus and in comparison the m50 has i think 143 auto focus points and it’s got continuous autofocus um it’s it’s great it works awesome watch any reviews out there but this one like i said it doesn’t have no autofocus so if you’re looking for a camera buying a camera for video more than pictures um i wouldn’t recommend getting this one here i’d recommend like you said the m50 now moving on iso the t6 has got 100 to 6400 iso or you can be expandable up to 12 800 and honestly that’s pretty low it’s really not that good in low light this one you’re gonna really want to be shooting in the daytime um like i said low light is not gonna work good for this camera here so just know that going in now one good thing about this is they got the what built-in wi-fi and nfc but most modern cameras already have that anyway now it does this camera does have auto focus it has nine points of auto focus but it doesn’t work when you’re shooting video it’s only when you’re taking pictures so i mean you do got some autofocus i know i had said that you don’t have any but you do but it’s not for video and that’s mostly what people want the autofocus for is gonna be for the video now the t6 also has an optical viewfinder and on the back here it’s going to have a three inch lcd screen it doesn’t flip out or anything it’s just an lcd it has 920 000 dots okay for your monitor and that’s okay it’s not bad but it’s not the best okay moving on now continuous shooting you’re gonna get three fps for continuous shooting okay let’s go ahead and turn this on and i’m gonna go into the menu and show you guys a couple things in here i’m not sure if it’s going to show up too good on the screen for me just turning the camera.


but we’ll see how it works otherwise i’ll probably put some pictures of this up on the screen while i’m going through it now one thing i like about this is the image quality you do have the option for raw and jpeg large so that’s a great that’s what i usually shoot on if i’m taking pictures it’s gonna definitely be raw and jpeg large now if you don’t know what that looks like i’m gonna put a picture of it up there now but that’s the one i like to select for my image quality you can also shoot just raw um and i got some other ones here you can mess with metering modes this one has three it only has evaluative partial and center weighted average now it doesn’t have no spot metering but as you can see it’s got these three here with these honestly i’d mostly be using evaluative i might use partial sometimes if i’m gonna want something a little more isolated but that’s that the color space is srgb uh picture style it’s got some programmed in can also download like cina style or whatever you want um autofocus methods you’re gonna have flex zone af live mode or quick mode i just use it in flexzone af right you can turn on your grid display aspect ratio and let’s see here now on the top here on your turn dial you’re gonna have a couple different settings let’s go over them real quick you’re going to have manual mode aperture priority shutter priority auto setting the shutter speed and aperture okay then you got fully auto it’s called scene intelligent auto then after that you got flash off creative auto you got portrait landscape close up sports food night portrait and at the end you got your recording.

Which i really don’t like because if you want to switch from pictures to video you got to turn the dial all the way to the end because it doesn’t go all the way around in a complete circle so if you want picture you’re going to have to turn all the way to the other side same with video you’re gonna have to switch it up other than that just off the top of my head if this does have the shoe where you can add things like a microphone a light other things attachments to it up here i do like that um but the bad thing about that Is let’s get our flash out if we click our flash button here this is gonna pop up and as you can see we can’t use the shoe unless the flash is down so you can’t put a microphone on it and use the flash right and when you do that just pops up and you can’t pull it up with your hands you have to click the button to pop up the flash um it does have two turn dials or it does have one turn dial here you can mess with your shutter and aperture and everything uh you also got the button the shutter button up at the top you got the simple on and off switch you got your display button menu and play button at the bottom iso set auto focus w uh white balance and you can mess with these in the menu you can turn these into custom buttons some of them let you change certain buttons to map them out how you want so you can mess with that if you if you’re interested in doing that um the battery and the sd card both go in the slot on the bottom here okay you just open it up and you got your battery and your sd card now let me shut.

This off for a second if we’re gonna look at the battery this is gonna be a lp e10 it’s a little bit bigger than the m50 battery let’s see if i can grab m50 battery okay right here this is an m50 battery this is the t6 battery it’s a little bit bigger it’s a little bit fatter and wider too so overall it’s bigger it lasts longer than the m50 that’s important but i got a ton of batteries anyway so i don’t worry about that usually just slides right in like most cameras you’re good to go overall i like this camera i do i like it for taking pictures um video is almost impossible i’d rather use the iphone for video honestly but it is possible but you really don’t want to use it on video as far as long range pitchers i’ve used this 75 to 300 lens that came with the premium kit and it does get pretty crispy images from far away but definitely not the best of the best this is probably a 200 lens they got lenses for four five ten thousand dollars that are killing this um if you put one of those lenses on this camera you would definitely get a lot better pictures but who’s going to want to invest a 5 000 lens on a 500 dollar camera it’s really not worth it okay if you’re gonna do that just go ahead get a better camera you know like a mark one or something um


I think what did we go over we went over the buttons a little bit went over the modes the lenses everything like that so overall if i re would i recommend this um no i wouldn’t recommend this if you’re buying it for a deal if someone’s got it for a deal and you can get it for 200 300 bucks um get it right and that’s with this lens and the whole kit right i wouldn’t recommend getting it if it’s more than that you can find them online for a deal but if you got some money to spend so you got like six seven hundred bucks um maybe a little less like 500 and you’re gonna want to get a camera for youtube videos pictures also i wouldn’t recommend this i would definitely recommend the m50 which i’m going to make another video on that so like i said tune back into the channel for that it’s awesome it’s great i’m recording this video on m50 right now um i got it for kind of a steal. I got it i’ve looked on the internet and i found someone that had uh what do they have the m50 that with the kit lens right and it had a strap it had a tripod um a nd filter three batteries a bag um some other stuff a microphone a rode mic and probably like three or four other things a little aperture light too it’s awesome but it had all that with it and i got that for 450 bucks now you can’t even get the canon m50 online usually just the body you’re gonna get about 500 bucks you’re going to spend so like 650 with the kit lens 600 on some deals i just happen to catch a really good deal so that’s that guys i just want to break down the rebel t6 here if you like the video smash that like button turn on then post notifications and subscribe if you like the channel also be on the lookout for all types of videos coming up we’re going to have stuff on photoshop cameras all about canon and sony cameras really we also still got the streaming stuff going on for your fire sticks and roku and all that so i’m sure there’s going to be something that you like on the channel also comment down below if you have used this camera maybe and you got some tips on it if you like the camera also if you’re a m50 owner go ahead and shoot a comment down below too or if you have any questions about anything i mentioned in the video i’ll be sure to get back to you thanks for watching everyone and i’ll see you in the next one