Canon Eos Rebel T6 Black Friday

Canon Eos Rebel T6 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Canon Eos Rebel T6 Black Friday Deals

I’m actually going to be doing a camera review of the Canon EOS Rebel T 7 let’s get started so I actually used this camera for a solid two years for film and photography.

Canon Eos Rebel T6 Black Friday


I think $1100 when the original value was 1700 I just knew that I wanted to do photography and it’s something that I always wanted to do and I wanted to film more I’m gonna be honest there are some things that I absolutely love about this camera and that I absolutely hate about this camera filming with this for two years you start to encounter a lot of problems and if I had more knowledge and I did more research on this camera before I bought it I probably would have gotten a different one but it still did everything that. 


I needed it to do but it was just a lot of extra things that I had to do because I got this camera so let me elaborate a little bit so we’re gonna start with pros so pros of this camera so the first pro about this camera is that there is a flash built into it that goes up and you can also attach an external flash on top you can use both depending on your needs but personally I didn’t need an external flash for this camera I think the flash on this camera as is is good enough I’ve taken a lot of pictures in the dark and darker settings with this flash and it comes out absolutely amazing so this flash definitely gets the job done I wouldn’t go out of your way to get another huge flash unless you’re doing indoor professional photography so the downside to the flash depending on the mode that you’re in in the camera if it has a slightly darker setting the flash automatically comes on and you cannot turn it off and it’s a pain in the butt this is otherwise known as the lack of low-pass filter they purposely didn’t make a low pass filter in this camera for the camera to contribute to higher levels of detail and sharpness of each photo that is taken so it’s a bittersweet feature if you’re doing completely indoor photography you won’t have a problem with this at all but I was doing landscape and portrait photography so it was really difficult for me whenever I tried to get a certain lighting.


That I wanted and the flash would just come up automatically and every time I would put down and come back up personally not my mojo the next Pro is wireless connectivity so every time that you take a picture or take a video you can automatically upload it to any device nearby with my experience I actually tried to connect this to a computer and it didn’t work in general it’s a pro for other people but for me it was not because I never figured it out I did everything that was on the instructions to and I still don’t get it so I don’t know maybe it’s this camera maybe it’s me I don’t know third pro is the weight so the weight of this camera is actually pretty light compared to other cameras it is 475 grams while the usual entry level of a DSLR camera weighs about 539 grams so this is pretty light compared to all the other DSLR cameras it’s not light enough to be a vlogging camera but it definitely is light enough to take amazing photos the next Pro is the resolution so the resolution for these photos aren’t absolutely insane depending on the settings that you put on with videos it gives you the possibility to shoot with 1920 by 1080 format so it is high resolution personally I do think that portrait and landscape mode were a lot better with resolution if it was like something in a street or something that’s high speed it doesn’t really pick it up very well so I would just probably use this camera for basic photography because it only has about nine focus points focal points are pretty important in the camera there’s only nine with this camera so that’s why a landscape and portrait looked the best because it has a small number of things to focus on while with a high speed video or a high-speed camera you need a lot of focal points so that’s the downside other than that with just basic photography it turns out good and last pro that I have is the battery life the battery life of this Canon EOS Rebel T 7 is above the average battery life it provides a shooting life of about 500 while the average battery life is 588 shots so it is definitely on the higher scale.


I will forget to charge my camera all of the time and usually it will last about like five videos like five full 20 minute videos and then it dies the battery life is awesome so now we’re moving to the cons once again for this review these are all of my opinions and my personal experience with this camera these are just some like little things that I have noticed since I’ve had this camera and why I got this new one is because of these things like I said in the beginning there were a lot of extra things that I had to do because I had this type of camera and now that I have this one it’s making my life a lot easier first con the screen type this was the biggest pain in the butt this screen is fixed type which means it does not flip out and you can only see it if you’re behind the camera this was one of the biggest struggles for me because if you want to film videos you need to know that you’re in the frame that you’re in focus that the lighting is good and you can’t see it unless you’re behind the camera with this one that being said whenever I was doing the process of setting up all of my lighting making sure I was always in the frame I had to take multiple shots while I was in front of the camera every single time I filmed so I would record go in front of the camera see if I was out a good angle see if the lighting was good and nine times out of ten it did not look okay but that was because I couldn’t see it that added like an extra hour to my filming time but now I have the canon g7x mark ii it has a flip up screen and it has made my life so much easier so now i’m saving an hour every time I film compare. There is no microphone port there is a microphone embedded into the camera which is not bad it’s not the worst microphone but it could be better I have a blue Yeti Mike which is not able to hook up to a Canon because there is no microphone port for it so that being said I always had to hook up my microphone to my computer and having to do an external app and then syncing the audio with the video when if I had a microphone port everything would be synced automatically together so it was just another thing that added extra time and I think that time is super valuable if I had a camera like this one that has a microphone port instead of using a program and setting up all this extra stuff it’s simplified by just getting a different camera okay so the last con is just basically just the physical aspects of this camera the weight is perfect I think it’s the right way I’m always doing so many activities and that’s why I bring my GoPro when I do that stuff because this camera is not made for that there is no environmental sealant it is not waterproof it is not crushproof it is not chalk proof so if you’re using this camera make sure that you are indoors and that you are not doing anything crazy because I personally love to travel I love doing crazy activities so that’s when I made my GoPro with me on my Aveng or when I’m snorkeling or something like that but this is just mainly for indoor shoots so overall this review for this camera there are pros and cons to everything but this personally is my opinion I think this is a great basic photography camera for portraits and landscapes but if you’re doing anything fast-paced I would not recommend this camera unfortunately and for youtubers I would not suggest this either unless you get an external viewfinder for youtubers I would suggest getting a different camera for professional photographers if you are doing portraits and landscapes in just a basic setting with a backdrop your perfect that’s what I did for my side gig I’ve done a couple photo shoots for people I think it’s great with the built-in flash and with the microphone and everything and it worked fine but it was a struggle so yeah that is my review of the Canon EOS Rebel T7.