Canon Eos Rebel Sl2

Canon Eos Rebel Sl2 Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post i am going to share all Canon eos rebel sl2 black friday deals & all Canon eos rebel sl2 cyber monday deals.You are gonna get everytype of deals.

Canon Eos Rebel Sl2 Black Friday Deals

Hey guys what’s going on you’re watching t-bones back and in this video we’re going to be doing air view over the brand new Canon SL 2 deso 2 is the best bang for the buck


when it comes to buying your first canon DSLR the body only is going to cost you five hundred and fifty dollars and it tears the exact same sensor as be $750 10 and t7 I in the 1200 our Canon the a DD because it is the exact same Center the image quality is going to be almost identical across all three of these cameras probably.


My favorite feature of the SL 2 is going to be a variable angle touchscreen this variable angle screen is going to tell you to see yourself for when taking selfies or when for vlogging and it’s great for video to frame those hard to get shot the Canon so2 features canons dual pixel ass which has an absolutely fantastic face detection system which is going to out this camera to autofocus on faces as those are going to all you to set autofocus points and attract them is extremely easy and it’s extremely fast and it’s what’s found on much much more expensive cameras canons do pixel is also going to help when focusing while looking at the LCD screen and not looking down the mirror usually when you’re looking at the LCD screen your Canon DSLRs are going C much slower when trying to focus however was this Canon so2 timmons dual pixel I asked really close in the gap between the mirror and between the LCD screen so2 has nine autofocus points it is the same on a focusing system when looking on the mirror as the Canon t5i had so the little outdated but that’s nothing too crazy I have found when shooting this camera at night it tends to be much more laggy than a Canon ad or a Canon t7 eye and that’s because it has considerably less auto focus points.


The Metro 2 speeds DSL 2 has is 1/4 thousandth of a second which is pretty much the standard for all Canon Rebel members it’s extremely fast you should need to shoot any faster than that the minimum ISO of this camera is going to be ISO 100 and the maximum ISO of the camera is going to be ISO 25600 yes o2 is surprisingly very good in a low light I’ve taken very clean images at ISO 6400 and ISO 12800 and of a little help from my room we can also take useable images at ISO 25,600 which is absolutely fantastic especially considering this a five hundred and fifty dollar camera deso to shoots five frames per second which is going to be great for sports and action photography when shooting sports the more frames per second you have the better the Caden so2 has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC and that allows you to connect wirelessly to your smartphone via canons camera connect app with canons cameras next app you can excuse your smart phone as a remote control you can actually see what your camera is seeing.

Canon Eos Rebel Sl2


you can take a picture you you can also fully many control your camera straight from your smartphone and from there you can also pull those images straight to your phone you can easily post them to your social media the so2 is going to be fantastic for taking video it is essentially a miniaturized version of the Canon a DD that’s the exact same sensor which I talked about earlier it also has an actually newer image processor which helps get cleaner video when shooting in low-light I choose to 1080p video at 24 frames a second 30 frames a second or 60 frames a second again just like the Canyon HD 1080p at 60 frames per second is going to tell you to get some nice smooth pans and tilts you cancel on the footage 50% about dropping any frames it’s going to make your video twice as smooth these two has HDMI out of course USB plug and then also has a plug here for a wire remote in last but not least has a 3.5 millimeter in the audio jack in that will allow you to put a shotgun microphone on top of a camera and help you capture much more clean audio than the audio that’s once you’ve captured just would be built in two microphones as far as both quality the SL 2 does feel a very premium it feels just about as premium as a canon t7 i would and it feels much more premium than a canon rebel key 6 is all the buttons feel really nice and are super easy to use unfortunately there is no aperture wheel but of course you really couldn’t fit in aperture wheel on this camera so to change the aperture you’re just going to than the AV button while moving the shutter speed dial course you can change the shutter speed by just using the shutter speed dial without any buttons pressed in it also does actually have a quick ISO button which while you to change the ISO while working down the mirror very fast now let’s talk about image quality like I said in the beginning this video this camera has a 24 megapixel aps-c size sensor it is an absolutely fantastic sensor made by Canon overall the kids so2 is probably one of my favorite Canon cameras right now it’s just so incredibly small and lightweight you can take it anywhere you can almost fit it in your pocket if you have this super small 24 millimeter lens attached to it it weighs almost nothing it weighs almost as much as an iPhone with a battery case does you could carry this around all day long without any problems and still take amazing pictures after using this camera for about three months I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it it has all the exact same features that a came a TD or 10 and t7 I would have with just a couple of downsides and probably the best thing about this camera is it only cost five hundred and fifty dollars so five hundred fifty dollars for the body only go pick one up right now enjoy it have fun with it and you know that you have the best bang for the buck of course with higher-end Canon cameras there are going to be some higher more premium features that you’re going to get but if you’re not a professional and don’t need all those high-end features then definitely just pick up the Canon SL – that’s all we offer you guys in this video if you enjoyed it – make sure to give this video a big thumbs up down below as always and of course make sure to subscribe to this channel and then to be notified when I reach new videos to this YouTube channel again thank you all so much for watching this video and I’ll catch you all in next one you