Canon Eos 6D Black Friday Deals

Canon Eos 6D Black Friday Deals Get Discount In 2021

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Canon Eos 6D Black Friday Deals

Today we’re gonna talk about this camera right here the Canon Eos 6D Black Friday which is a full-frame DSLR that I’ve been using for around a year or so now and I’ve been seeing it go used for $600 and sometimes even less recently so I’m gonna talk about my experience with it whether or not I think it’s a good idea for the price and whether or not it might be right for you so first off just some of the basic specs about the camera it was released in 2012 it has a twenty point two megapixel full-frame sensor it has eleven autofocus points one of those the center autofocus point is a cross type autofocus it has a maximum shutter speed of one four thousandth of a second in continuous shooting it can do up to four point five frames per second it has built-in GPS and Wi-Fi and it was the first canon full-frame camera to have that built-in it can do video at 1080 up to 30 frames per second and it has one single SD card slot when the 60 series came out who is Canon Eos 6D Black Friday entry-level full-frame offering so you get the quality of full-frame but in a more budget-friendly package so I think the size and ergonomics in this camera is a really great compromise between being compact and being comfortable it’s just big enough to fit your whole hand on and not have any pinky or anything falling off it’s big enough to look like a professional full-frame camera but also still be relatively portable for what it is control wise we have everything that you would expect from a full-frame DSLR we have a ring that I usually set to control aperture value you have a dial.

Canon Eos 6D Black Friday Deals

That I usually set for shutter speed this top OCD screen and above that you have some buttons for ISO autofocus and other options we have a mode dial with all your basic modes and also two custom shooting options there’s a switch to choose between steel and movie shooting mode and integrated with that switch is a button instills that will switch between using the optical viewfinder in this camera and just live view and in movie mode that’s going to start and stop your recording of course we have a hot shoe mount on the top of this camera the lens mount is the EF mount which is canons DSLR mount and the EF mount probably has the largest lens selection on the planet this uses the Canon L pe6 battery which is the standard canon battery for larger cameras which is nice because if you have other Canon Eos 6D Black Friday cameras you’ll typically be able to use the same battery between those cameras as far as ports we have an input for a microphone and remote shutter we also have an HDMI out and a USB port as far as displays and view finders we do have a fixed display screen on the back of the camera and an optical viewfinder so with using this camera for photography it packs a really heavy punch for this price point.


The image quality is really outstanding you have 20 point 2 megapixels so about 20 megapixels worth of resolution and that is really plenty for pretty much anything that you’re going to do that’s even enough for making pretty big prints if you’re printing anything bigger than that that needs more resolution than 20 megapixels you should really be charging enough to get a really high-end camera and then this video doesn’t really apply for you but for pretty much every other use case 20 megapixels is plenty even though new 1bx mark 3 which is canons flagship DSLR has a 20 megapixel sensor also the dynamic range and low-light performance in this camera is pretty good part of that is because it has fewer megapixels 20 megapixels it’s not gonna show as much noise in it but the way this camera performs in low-light is actually even competitive with most modern cameras I won’t say that it beats modern cameras but with most of them it’ll be at least in a competitive range another thing to keep in mind is that you’re getting a full-frame sensor for this price point if you don’t know what that means I’ll link a video about the difference between full-frame and crop sensor cameras here but among other things having a full-frame sensor allows you to take full advantage of some of the nicer EF mount lenses some negatives I would point out for this camera and photography is first of all we don’t have super fast continuous shooting so if you’re shooting sports action wildlife something like that four-and-a-half frames per second is not really great for that the autofocus in this camera also is definitely not usable for action you only have eleven autofocus points first of all and only the center one is cross-type so I will say the center autofocus point is really really good and really accurate the other autofocus points are not so good and not so accurate I would definitely not use the other autofocus points if you’re shooting with a really shallow aperture or something and if you’re shooting something that’s moving or trying to get something really quick or even something where you have to nail it the first time I would definitely rely on the center autofocus point and maybe even focus to recompose or something because the other autofocus points will tend to miss another drawback is that this camera doesn’t have canons dual pixel autofocus in live view so using autofocus in Live View is also not the greatest idea it’s an older contrast based autofocus.


Canon Eos 6D Black Friday really slow usually gets the job done and usually focuses right but it takes a long time gonna talk about this cameras video ability but I’m gonna preface it by saying I don’t really recommend this as a video camera especially if that’s one of your main things that you would be using it for it’d probably be better to look somewhere else having said that this camera can do 1080 at up to 30 frames per second and it does have 24 frames per second which 24 frames per second is what I use it gives a much more cinematic feel to your footage so it can be used for video and the footage itself does look pretty good we have options for all I and IPB compression for the video in this so all I is going to give you better quality but the files are gonna be bigger and I baby the quality is actually still good but with a little bit more compression so if you’re shooting ipb and you get everything looking the way that you wanted to in camera you can save some space on your memory card it also has a microphone port but no headphone port so you can plug in a mic and get better audio but you can’t monitor that audio with headphones the preamps in the camera though are pretty decent especially considering how old this camera is.

If you have something like the rode video mic pro plus or something that can boost the audio signal so that you can turn your preamps and camera down then you can use the audio in most cases so if your negatives for using this camera for video and why I wouldn’t really suggest this as a video camera first of all you don’t have any continuous autofocus in video you have the contrast autofocus but as soon as you hit record that’s gone also the footage on this camera gets saved as dot MOV files which is a little bit older and it’s kind of a give and take they tend to be a little bloated and larger but they’re also relatively easy to work with in editing software give or take but it’s not my favorite to work with I would say this camera could work as like a B camera sometimes in specific situations what I had typically used this for in the past is as a talking head camera where I can set it on a tripod get auto focus and set it and then kind of forget about it because I know that the person is going to be standing or sitting in the same spot and not really moving so some overall thoughts and opinions about the camera I think this is a great camera with awesome image quality for the price point it’s not great for action not great for anything with fast movement it’s mostly a photography camera with some decent looking video when it’s necessary I do think it’s a great content creator camera especially if you’re creating just photos specifically for social media or something I think it’s a great travel camera I think it can work great for portraits for corporate and commercial work I think the size is a good compromise between being small enough to kind of be relatively compact but also being big enough to be comfortable and feel good when you’re holding it throughout the day another thing to think about with the size is client perception when you put a decent sized lens on something like this it looks like a professional camera versus when you show up with something like this you can typically get away with charging more with something like.


This just because you look more professional even though you might be able to get great quality photos out of this the client sees this and they just feel like you are more professional it’s something that probably shouldn’t play a factor but in reality client perception does this camera is also a really good budget way to have a full-frame backup camera if you’re professional and you are using a full-frame camera but you want to have a backup that’s full-frame is going to get you great image quality just in case something happens so who’s it for who’s it not for I think like I said this would be a great camera for content creators travel photographers portrait photographers especially if you’re doing something in studio or doing something where you can pose somebody and take your time to get the shot I think this would be a really great camera for a beginner going into a more intermediate stage and wanting to step up from a crop sensor camera into their first full-frame camera is really a great camera to learn photography on and get to know your settings and start using full-frame I think can also work well as a B cam for a videographer or a camera specifically for like a talking head setup so who’s it not for not for sports not for action not for wildlife not for anything that’s photographing fast movement it’s definitely not for bloggers it doesn’t have a flip-out screen or continuous autofocus and probably not for videographers certainly not for any videographer that needs continuous autofocus or anything above 24 frames or 30 frames at 1080 so I hope you enjoyed the video if you’re interested in getting the 6d or any of the other gear I mentioned in the video you can check the description down below for affiliate links that way at no extra cost to you you can help support this channel a little bit so that I can continue making videos for you guys if you did like the video give it a thumbs up in the comments below you can tell me what you think about the 6d if you’re maybe looking at a camera maybe you’re looking at the 60 and whether that would be right for you if you haven’t yet hit the subscribe button so you can get notified of all my videos and see you