Bragi Dash Pro Black Friday

Bragi Dash Pro Black Friday Deals Get Discount in 2021

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Bragi Dash Pro Black Friday Deals

Pro the true wireless headphones when it says intelligent trust me these are pre smart now the cool thing about these headphones is that obviously Wireless being the big thing nowadays but these headphones fun fact three years old that means they’re pretty much older than any pair of current popular wireless headphones includes the air pods anything that Jabra has recently really really released even anything you’ve probably seen currently at CES which is currently taking place at the time of the recording of this video now these headphones are designed to be for fitness and casual use what I mean by physical and casual use is that these are water proof sweat proof that means these headphones are designed to work with your activity your activity trackers your Google fits your your run keep whatever you use these headphones are going to be designed to function with them by syncing up directly with the app or syncing up through their app and linking it to your account I use google fit so it has a it actually is you already predisposed to understand google fit and google fit settings so when I go on a run or a bike ride it will keep that information in the headphones and then relayed back either to my smartphone and or in real time or wait until I get home now I’ll explain that in further details.

Bragi Dash Pro Black Friday


These headphones can work with or without your smartphone that means these headphones have up to four gigs of actual storage built into the headphones that means you can put your own music on there and use them with no standalone device everything is done directly from the headphones or you can use them with your smartphone iOS or Android and actually use the headphones at you would any other pair of wireless headphones and I like that option I’d like options that’s what the key is options regardless of what they are it has to have the options as you can see these headphones are glowing they’re breathing that’s also their power light there’s also their power levels red is bad blue is good green is oh well you can use them but you know a whole lot of time but the fact that they glow to indicate they’re charging and stop going when they’re done it’s amazing I also like the fact how cool it looks when they’re breathing it’s all like therapeutic almost so these headphones have built-in storage they also have a built-in assistant that will help you out as long as well as being compatible with Google assistant Amazon Alexa and Siri so if you use any of those assistants on your phone preferably this these headphones will work with those assistants seamlessly now when it comes to using the built-in assistant built-in assistant is great for in options for example the 4d menu when I say 4d menu you can literally take these headphones put them in your ear move your head one and then one more and what will happen is the headphones will create a 4d menu in real 3d space you can actually turn your head to determine and actually choose different options.


The options are fast-forward or play if you’re listening to music activate your assistant or actually go into your fitness app and actually start a run a bike ride or even a swim and what swim yes these headphones are water proof and I say proof I mean I have taken these headphones and I have taken them with me in the shower and I have tested them in real time and yes they function as advertised so the case itself is not waterproof but come on are you gonna go swimming with the case as well speaking of the cases you can see the case is a two-part case one parts plastic and one parts aluminum dark because of that the aluminum case has had some battle damage for me putting it in my pocket from keys and stuff like that I think I dropped it once on concrete but not the headphones themselves so with that being said I would one a few changes I would make to this would be the case and that a big fan of the case if the case had been more convenient I would have liked it to flip up versus slide out but it is what it is the case itself gets just the 30 hours of battery life with the headphones himself which gives about 5 hours of battery life so you’re gonna be losing some music for quite some time and you will never have to worry about the headphones actually dying out in real time as long as you put them in back in the case properly which I’ll get into in just a moment as you can see there is a charging dock which is a USB type-c are you play USB standard which is mostly everyone has at this point there’s the power light to let you know that the case is charging or the case is active or has enough battery life to charge your phone your phone your your headphones now what makes things different from other headphones as well is that you have to actually have one things I don’t like about this case is you have to line them up with these pins as you can see there’s pogo pins if these headphones are attached to and pogo pins go right in there and I mean you know what’s the practice you can get in there now don’t force it in there don’t I mean I will see me play around with it do out this review too sure that they’re connected properly because I did have one issue with the case where I accidentally dropped the case with the headphones in it and what ended up happening was it got stuck and when I went to go open the case I had to forcefully pull it open because these were a jar moved over slightly so what I ended up doing as I accidentally damaged and broke these luckily for me I had they were still within the warranty and biragi did eventually send me a new charging case or at least a new charging dock for my ear buds so I’m glad about that now these headphones also have I said for the built-in assistant this built-in assistant will allow you to she’ll tell you their time she will tell you when transparency mode on and windshield is on and what those options are transparency mode and windshield let’s say you’re on you’re on a bike ride or you’re on a run and you know you want to hear the environment around you a lot of people who do run or do bike ride tend to be kind of closed off from the world so maybe they can’t hear a car it can’t hear a train or they can’t hear other people around them as they’re trying to get around well these headphones have a special option where if you notice yeah if you.


If you need it you can actually turn on transparency mode so you can hear everything around you if you’re on a bike and it’s windy even has what’s called wind shield where you slide forward and what will happen is it will not only go in a transparency mode but it’ll give you an extra level of transparency as far as the wind shield will actually blackout any wind blasting past you to allow you to hear your environment better now these headphones the way transparency work mode works is it doubles as a second pair of ears it’s almost like bionic hearing these headphones are actually designed with in mind by people who dealt with hearing aids and in and that same that’s why they they looked away they do they almost look like hearing aids and with that being said these headphones are fantastic for people who are like myself or pedestrians who go outside but wanna hear the environment or are anything afternoon with people like it’s a supermarket or at the store but don’t want to take your headphones off but still want to hear the music and that’s where I am and that’s where these headphones are now if you notice these headphones these headphones have no buttons there’s not a button on here nobody’s no buttons how these work is by gestures so how the gestures work is that you tap to play double tap to skip triple tap to go back slide forward for volume up slide back for volume down it’ll actually tell you if you’ve had setting on if you with you once you reach past your safety limits so if you’re one of those people who don’t like to blow out your eardrums these headphones will alert you that you’re actually moving past that range another thing you can do is you can actually hold the earbud this earbud right here and this will activate your assistant feature if you don’t do the heads free option you can also verbally say whatever your catchphrase is for your assistant and it will actually pick that up as long as the earphones are in your ear another thing about.

The right ear but too is this is your soldier standalone earbud so if you’re taking phone calls and what-have-you you can actually take this headphone out and actually put it into your ear hold the button for a few seconds and hold the button hold the earbud for a few seconds and it will actually pair with the phone stand alone other than that how it pairs is when you take both headphones out it will detect that both headphones are in your ear and it automatically start on their own so normally you don’t actually have to manually turn them on it’s only only if you are putting them in I apologize you don’t hold the button you don’t hold the everybody you DoubleTap the bud and stand up in standalone mode when it comes to the left ear bud this is your fitness this is where all your Fitness data goes this is where all this information is saved so if you’re swimming jogging or swim as bicycling this is where the information will go if you double tap it it will also tell you the time as well another thing is this is where your transparency and audio settings are going to be so if you want you activate transparency mode windshield that would be this earbud um other than that these headphones are fantastic fantastic audio great AI I have really only the only thing I would say that I would really fix would be the assisted option where I wished the 4 d menu had the ability to customize what you want to do so for example I would like a rewind feature to go with the play and the fast-forward feature as well as having an assistant option that should be customizable but hey who knows but with on a level of customization you can do is you can customize the audio input and the said for since these are designed by people who understand how hearing aids work and hearing apparatus azar they’ve teamed up with me me and have incorporated their technology directly into or their software directly into the earbuds so you can actually customize the earbuds to your liking based on your audio listening needs that means if you’re listening to music and you typically maybe your left ear might be stronger than your right ear here’s a little bit better these will actually balance that out so.

If you have one ear that hears better than the other these headphones with the maniac will actually allow you to customize the ear buds to bring balance back to the sound now with all those awesome little things that these headphones can do you’re probably going to say well how much is it all this cool tech well this cool tech is about $300 but as I said for these are also three year old headphones and they’re still about $300 obviously you can probably go on Amazon or some other site and probably find them cheaper that’s saying you’re not going to I would never ever recommend buying pre-owned because just you but with that being said I would say these headphones I would if I had the review and give him an overall review I would say for four out of five four and a half out of five because I would fix the case and I would fix the assistant feature other than that I think these headphones are gracious I think these are very very very versatile for anybody if you’re into sports or you just enjoy just music I think these are on par if not better than the best that’s out there today and I mean the best that’s out there today I’m talking about Bose ain’t talking about the the air pods ain’t talking about the the Skull candy I’m talking about like the SOL Republic I’m talking about you know people companies who are actually been dealing with the the with wireless sound that’s what I would recommend these headphones for is that audience if you’re in attack I would recommend these if you’re into its sound I recommend these if you like the fact that they stand alone you can I would recommend these these are great headphones.